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Penguin: A Sailor In The North Country

02 Jul 00 - 02:58 AM (#250487)
Subject: Penguin: A Sailor In The North Country
From: Alan of Australia

From the Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs, Ed Pellow's rendition of the tune of A Sailor In The North Country can be found here.


A sailor in the north country,
He had a most beautiful wife.
Her courage was so great and her temper more than sweet,
And the sailor he loved her as his life.

As they were walking out one day,
They met a noble captain on the way,
Kind obedience to the maid! But she bowed and nothing said,
'Twas her beauty did the captain's heart betray.

The captain to his house then he goes,
And sent for the sailor straight away,
'My business runs so: to the West Indies you must go,
In the morning, or by the break of day.'

'To obey the noble Master I will go,
On the sea, to venture my life.'
But little did he dream the captain's heart was so inflamed,
On the charms of his most beautiful wife.

The sailor to his wife then he goes,
And kissed her and called her his dear.
'Bad news I have to tell You, I must bid you farewell,
In the morning when daylight does appear.'

As soon as she beard him say so,
She wrung her hands and bitterly did cry,
She kissed him and said: 'My dear Jimmy I'm afraid
You'll be drowned in the raging ocean wide.'

The hour and the moment did come,
The poor sailor no longer could stay
To bear his wife lament till his heart was discontent.
He kissed her and went weeping away.

He had only been gone two days or three
On the seas for to venture his life,
Before the captain came with his heart in great flame,
To seize on the poor sailor's wife.

'Your pardon, dear lady,' he cried,
Your pardon, dear lady, if you please,
Your pardon if you please, for 'tis you can give me ease
One night to enjoy your sweet charms.'

'Oh, are you any lord, duke, or king,
Or are you any ruler of the land?
The King shall lose his crown before at my feet you shall lie down,
Or before I will be at your command.

''Twas only one twelve-month ago
That I was made your man Jimmy's bride,
It's pleasing to my lot, the best husband I have got,
I'll be constant unto him for life.'

Sung by Mrs Verrall, Horsham, Sussex (R.V.W. 1904)

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