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Correction: The Mary Ellen Carter

19 Jul 97 - 12:51 AM (#9046)
Subject: The Mary Ellen Carter
From: Bob Landry

I was going to post the words to this Stan Rogers tune but I looked first in the DT and .... thar it was!. Upon comparing your version to Stan Roger's songbook I submit a few minor corrections (with this tune, I gotta be picky):

In the first verse, line 2 and line 3 Stan quotes the owners as follows:
"She gave twenty years of service, boys, then met her sorry end.
But insurance paid the loss to us, so let her rest below",

In the first chorus, the third line needs another syllable and should read:
All those who loved her best and were with her ‘til the end

In line six of the third verse, we have one of those aural trangressions - the word "birded":
Put cables to her, ‘fore and aft and girded her around

Third verse line 8 should read:
And make the Mary Ellen Carter rise again.


19 Jul 97 - 11:20 PM (#9088)
Subject: RE: The Mary Ellen Carter
From: dick greenhaus

Hi- THanx. Corrections noted and accepted.