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Help: wHERE IS THIS GUY? (Creighton Lindsey)

09 Jul 00 - 05:39 PM (#254693)
From: GUEST,Claymaker

Between ten and fifteen years ago, when I used to be able to listen to Mike Flynn"s Folk Sampler on a more regular basis, he was regularly playing an LP by a guy named Creighton Lindsey. I got ahold of Mr. Flynn by phone and asked him for more info about getting this guy's recordings. He gave me record label info but when I contacted them AND distributor I was told that due to a warehouse fire there were no more LPs available--I know, I know, this sounds made up--but it's true. Mr. Lindsey did what I consider the finest guitar arrangement of Bedside of a Stranger I've ever heard and now all I have of it is a tape, recorded off the radio, 10-15 years old AND it's one of those 2 hour cassettes (very thin tape). I thought there was no way to find this guy--then I met your group--YOU GUYS KNOW EVERYTHING! Do any of you know Creighton Lindsey?

09 Jul 00 - 05:47 PM (#254696)
Subject: RE: Help: wHERE IS THIS GUY?
From: wysiwyg

I am not one of those who knows much (altho I act like I do!! LOL).... and I am no Net-surfing expert, I still look for theings the old-fashioned way cuz I don't know any better. But I always got my best stuff, pre-CD-era, from public libraries. (That's where my 2-hour bootlegs came from!) Have you asked your local librarian to do a search to see if anyone in their inter-library system has this fella stashed away?

Also there are various links here at the Mudcat to folk radio shows.... which would be a place you could send e-mails spreading your question out farther.

Just in case : ~ ) none of our resident experts has Mr. Lindsey staying over at their house this weekend, which I suppose is always possible too....

Good luck.



09 Jul 00 - 06:29 PM (#254724)
Subject: RE: Help: wHERE IS THIS GUY?
From: kendall

He used to perform with a group called Wild Mountain Thyme here in Maine. You might find some of his stuff at Amadeus Music Store in Portland Maine. They have some far out stuff (even got some of my stuff)

09 Jul 00 - 07:09 PM (#254746)
Subject: RE: Help: wHERE IS THIS GUY?
From: Dale Rose

The info on this page is a year old, but check with these people at They likely have an address for him.