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Any good Breton Links?

21 Jul 97 - 09:18 AM (#9126)
Subject: Any good Breton Links?
From: Laoise, Belfast

Has anyone out there found any decent links to Breton music sites which have GIFs of scores and lyrics/sheet music for Breton Songs.

I have found a few Breton sites - mainly websites for various bands but they don't seem to contain any links to sites with music scores.

I have also found tons of Cape Breton music sites which sound wonderful and I will be exploring them shortly.

Are there any other Breton-mad folk visiting the Caf?

Gabh raibh maith agat


22 Jul 97 - 08:12 PM (#9287)
Subject: RE: Any good Breton Links?
From: bigj

Without having tried it myself, I would sugggest you look for Dastum - devoted to Breton culture.

21 Aug 97 - 09:49 PM (#11025)
Subject: RE: Any good Breton Links?
From: Max

OK, I have been working all day on something that takes advantage of the cookies that I have been placing on your pages as you signed up for the membership. This is a serve yourself links page. It is a system that allows you all to enter links to your favorite sites and other links of interest. It is somewhat of an experiment because it relies on honesty and collective thought.

There is a form here ( where you can enter new links to the pages. You can view all of the links in the database here ( Taking advantage of membership, you can go here ( to see only the new links since your last visit to the links pages. You can also search the links pages here ( by category, title or description.

Remember, you must be a registered member (free) to participate in this feature. If you try to go to these pages without a cookie, you will be automatically forwarded to our membership page or will receive an error. Which leeds me to remind you that this is a prototype. It will change as the days go on, and may have a bug or so. Let me know how you like it or what I could change or what doesn't work in this thread.

Oh, yes, you can also keep a personal bookmark file of your favorite links too. You must see it to believe it. We are now working on the same idea with threads.

26 Aug 00 - 04:12 AM (#285538)
Subject: RE: Any good Breton Links?
From: Lena


26 Aug 00 - 06:40 AM (#285563)
Subject: RE: Any good Breton Links?
From: Lena

Laoise,where did you go?! I am a Breton-mad,since when last year I visited Breizh!!!

26 Aug 00 - 06:48 AM (#285566)
Subject: RE: Any good Breton Links?
From: GUEST,Philippa

Laoise - I don't know the language, or even Welsh for that matter, but I had a great trip in Brittany this year. I didn't enjoy the Lorient fest so much, but smaller Fest Noz are brilliant, all generations, everyone dancing to the music. I also enjoyed the countryside and seeing neolithic sites and I too could become Breton-mad.
I'm in Derry so let me know if any Bretons are coming to Belfast.

26 Aug 00 - 08:47 AM (#285579)
Subject: RE: Any good Breton Links?
From: GUEST,Bobby Bob, Ellan Vannin

A good springboard to a whole host of topics related to Britanny is at

Shoh slaynt,

Bobby Bob

02 Apr 05 - 06:45 AM (#1449885)
Subject: RE: Any good Breton Links?
From: AllisonA(Animaterra)


03 Apr 05 - 01:52 AM (#1450635)
Subject: RE: Any good Breton Links?
From: GUEST,Allen

I can't remember the URL but do a search at this place for Tri Martolod and you'll find a thread that has links to a Breton music site with scores.