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Help: Mandolin

18 Jul 00 - 12:18 PM (#260086)
Subject: Mandolin
From: GUEST,

I teach my children and 12 of their friends bluegrass, old timey, and Irish music for free. I am looking to help a family who are on a fairly tight budget purchase a lower end F-5 mandolin for their daughter. I've helped another student get a Washburn. I'd like to know where to look to maybe find something similar, second hand.

Can anybody recommend something in the $250-$350 price range?

Thanks for the help,

Mike Delnero

18 Jul 00 - 12:29 PM (#260096)
Subject: RE: Help: Mandolin
From: Wesley S

Mike - I think you'll have better luck - and get a better instrument - if you look at an "A" or flat style mandolin. I've tried several "F" styles in the price range you mention and I haven't been impressed with any of them. But that's just my opinion. If I were you I would consider looking at the Mid-Missouri brand. They can be had for well under $500.00 and are easy to play with a good tone. I own one and I've been very happy with it. It's a very simple design and won't win any beauty contests however. Good Luck - Wesley

18 Jul 00 - 12:41 PM (#260112)
Subject: RE: Help: Mandolin
From: catspaw49

Check at ELDERLY INSTRUMENTS which carry a couple of fine less expensive lines like Mid Missouri and Kentucky. Also check their used/vintage section. We refer a lot of folks there, but I have had excellent relations with them as have many others around here. Very honest and reliable and helpful folks.


18 Jul 00 - 08:29 PM (#260464)
Subject: RE: Help: Mandolin
From: Big Mick

Mike, I know the folks at Elderly really well. I would be happy to talk to them about trades/consignments to help with here. Why don't you drop me a line at and let's see if we can help here.

All the best,

Big Mick

18 Jul 00 - 10:38 PM (#260522)
Subject: RE: Help: Mandolin
From: Rick Fielding

You know I have to go along with the suggestion of an "A" style. Even when were talking inexpensive Korean instruments, it's still MUCH more difficult to build the F5 style. In that price range, the "A"s and simple "F" hole ones sound just as good. Actually they sound just the same.