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Lyr Req: Wichita (Gillian Welch)

25 Jul 00 - 09:44 PM (#264678)
Subject: need lyrics: wichita
From: winniemih

I'm looking for the lyrics to the song by Gillian Welch that Tim and Mollie O'brien perform. Thanks for the help. Winnie

25 Jul 00 - 09:59 PM (#264688)
Subject: RE: need lyrics: wichita
From: Sorcha

Oh geez. I can hear this in my head, and cannot get it out. This is not Wichita Lineman, it is Wichita, Wichita.....duh. And I am from Winfield, 40 miles south of Wichita............Kansas, that is. Duh. Hope you find it. I wouldn't mind having it, either.

25 Jul 00 - 10:05 PM (#264695)
Subject: RE: need lyrics: wichita
From: Bill D

Sorcha!..I didn't know! I grew up in Wichita...attended the first 12 Winfield festivals...and a couple more.

But I don't know the song..I DO have one that Garrison Keillor wrote about Wichita, doubt they are the same..

"Darlin' let's turn off the tape deck....
...blah, blah...
....and lets take our chances, in Wichita, Kansas, where being in love is enough"

25 Jul 00 - 10:06 PM (#264698)
Subject: Lyr Add: WICHITA (Gillian Welch)
From: MMario

by Gillian Welch
(Irving Music Inc., BMI)

She went back to Wichita
She went back to he Ma and Pa
Reckon I saw her next to my truck
Pumpin' gas with her car packed up
And we talked as neighbours will
There waitin' for the tank to fill
Well talk about nothing or how it might snow
And how far she had to go

Goin' back where the grass grows tall
And the fields burn in the fall
Well you could still hear the night bird call
Back in Wichita

She came here in eighty-five
She came here as a July bride
But it never got easy, never got rich
Now she ain't got much of what she came here with
The good times they've all been spent
She ain't broken but she's badly bent
Now there's nothin' she wants here, nothin' that shines
She's made up her mind


She says For all my time well I ain't got much to show
And you could tell that man of mine and
anyone who wants to know . . .


25 Jul 00 - 10:11 PM (#264709)
Subject: RE: need lyrics: wichita
From: Sorcha

Bill D--born, raised,graduated and married in Winfield. Now live in Wyoming. You going to the festival this fall? We are, all 4 of us. First real family thing since Son went to jail 2 years ago. See you there? I plan to start a thread in August about Catters at Winfield.

25 Jul 00 - 10:19 PM (#264715)
Subject: RE: need lyrics: wichita
From: Bill D

haven't been in almost 19 years..and gas being what it is...*sigh*...perhaps some day..(only about 2000 showed up in 1971, if I remember right, but it was FUN!)

26 Jul 00 - 10:04 AM (#264950)
Subject: RE: need lyrics: wichita
From: winniemih

Thanks MMario, I appreciate it