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Lyr Req: Cavin town? / My Cavan Girl

28 Jul 00 - 10:33 AM (#266562)
Subject: Cavin Town ???
From: GUEST,mryan

I am looking for some help with regard to a song that I heard in a local pub. I believe the title was Cavin Town or soemthing like that, but I am not certain. I do know that the singer mentioned the song was written by a man from Valdosta and won some type of folk music award in Ireland, which is somewhat ironic.

If this is enough information for anyone to get me a clue, that would be great. If you also happen to know the lyrics, the writer's name, or where I might be able to find a recording of it, that would be very much appreciated.


28 Jul 00 - 03:00 PM (#266777)
Subject: RE: Cavin Town ???
From: GUEST,iains

It could be My Cavan Girl by thom Moore of Pumkinhead. As I walk the road from Killashandra, weary I sit down. For it's twelve long miles around the lake to get to cavan town. etc

29 Jul 00 - 01:29 PM (#267339)
Subject: RE: Cavin Town ???
From: GUEST,Iains

I believe the song was entered in a song festival in Cavan, and won.

29 Jul 00 - 09:04 PM (#267562)
Subject: RE: Cavin Town ???
From: Nynia

If it was entered in a competition in Cavan I bet ther was no prize given. (Cavan is Ireland's answer to Aberdeen).

01 Aug 00 - 11:35 AM (#269487)
Subject: Thank you
From: GUEST,mryan

Thanks very much! That is it.