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Alison Krauss show in New Jersey

30 Jul 97 - 11:06 AM (#9854)
Subject: Alison Krauss show in New Jersey
From: Metropolitan Entertainment Group

Alison Krauss & Union Station appear at the Count Basie Theatre, in Red Bank, NJ, on August 28, 1997 @ 8:00 PM. Tickets are available on line at or thru TicketMaster outlets or charge by phone at (201) 507-8900, (212) 307-7171, or (609) 520-8383 COME & ENJOY THE MUSIC!

30 Jul 97 - 01:04 PM (#9864)
Subject: RE: Alison Krauss show in New Jersey
From: Bill D

I dont particularly care for ads in the forum...what do the rest of you think...?

30 Jul 97 - 02:41 PM (#9877)
Subject: RE: Alison Krauss show in New Jersey
From: Bert Hansell

I agree with you Bill.

If it was an individual making a recommendation, or giving information about an event, that might be OK; but I think that Metropolitan Entertainment Group & TicketMaster should run their own web site.

I hope that Max bombards them with his own advertizing for Onstage Media.

I certainly won't be going, memories of past bad service from TicketMaster.


04 Aug 97 - 12:47 PM (#10035)
Subject: RE: Alison Krauss show in New Jersey

This announcement was only meant as an informational piece and didn't feel my editorial on the artist was necessary as Alison Krauss & Union Station are well known throughout the Bluegrass & country music scenes. This was meant only as an alternative to advertising (the IBCM assoc calendar is out of order at this time) since an Alison Krauss fan may not view Metropolitan Entertainment's website...they might find it handy being a note here. Bert: I hope a previously bad experience with TicketMaster (as bad experiences can happen with the service industry every so often) would not prevent you from patronizing and enjoying an Alison Krauss & Union Station performance.


04 Aug 97 - 04:39 PM (#10041)
Subject: RE: Alison Krauss show in New Jersey
From: Bert Hansell


Thanks for the explanation.

Only two of us complained so I guess is is not really an issue.

TTFN Bert.

05 Aug 97 - 09:32 AM (#10097)
Subject: RE: Alison Krauss show in New Jersey
From: Peter Timmerman

I am back with my shiny two cents as ever, and I strongly complain. Direct copying of advertising is the thin edge of the biggest wedge of our time: the blurring of public space into commercial space. If Susan (Hi Susan!) had said, has anyone noticed that there is an Alison Krauss concert, and the advertising isn't there, and isn't she great, and here are the numbers to call, that is great. That is information restructured by a member of this group, and changed. And I have no objection at all to clearly labelled advertising elsewhere to fund this space. But this is over the line, and if you lose that line, you will lose this space. A worse example is the broadcasting of commercial news into public schools, but the principle is the same. It is like a cell: a cell is kept integrated and functioning because it has a cell wall, a membrane for turning the outside into the inside by choice and reinterpretation of incoming material. A group is very similar and very sensitive. Stop doing this!!!Cease, desist!!!!! Yours, Peter

05 Aug 97 - 11:02 AM (#10101)
Subject: RE: Alison Krauss show in New Jersey
From: Whippoorwill

I started to comment on this yesterday, and then decided to keep my big mouth shut. I'll probably wish I'd stuck with that decision, but the old editorial reflexes won't be denied.

I have some very strong opinions about free advertising, a holdover from my days in the newspaper business. There's a very fine line between recommending a favorite singer or group and being a shill for a commercial organization, and it's sometimes really tough to know where that line is. My rule of thumb is, if they're able to pay for the advertising, don't give it to them free.

Same reasoning applies to T-shirts. I will have no problem at all wearing a Mudcat shirt (make it an XL, Dick), but don't try to sell me one advertising your favorite beverage.

There. The grumpy old man has vented his spleen. Susan, pick a tune. I'll sing tenor.