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Lyr Req: spanish songs

16 Aug 00 - 07:44 PM (#279186)
Subject: spanish lyrics
From: GUEST,marge

i am new at this. do you have other spanish lyrics? how can i find them? gracias marge

16 Aug 00 - 08:00 PM (#279198)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: spanish lyrics
From: Joe Offer

Hi, Marge - well, first thing you can do is do a search of the @spanish category of our Digital Tradition Folk Song Database by putting @spanish in the blue DigiTrad search box (or click here). There are also a few Spanish songs here and there in the Forum that haven't been added to the database yet - might be a little hard to find them without a title, though. Put "spanish" in our "Super Search" will bring up a bunch of results from our database and Forum, but not all of them are actually Spanish-language songs - (click to search). If there are particular songs you're looking for, start a new thread and ask for it - be sure to put the name of the song in the thread title. I believe there are some links to corridos and other Spanish-language songs on our Links page.
Hope that helps.
-Joe Offer-