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Lyr Req: The Hielan' Man (Matt McGinn)

29 Nov 96 - 05:18 PM (#613)
Subject: Lyric/Music Request - unknown song
From: Ian

Hi folks,

I'm afraid I can't give you much to go on other than the subject and basic story-line of the song I'm looking for. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Here goes:

The story is that an English army was on the way to invading Scotland, when they spied a lone Scotsman at the top of a hill, standing defiantly and taunting the English army. The English captain(?) sends one of his men to take out the Scot. The English soldier goes over the hill, sounds of combat are heard and the English soldier is not seen again. The lone Scotsman appears on the hilltop once more, however.

This is repeated several times over. Each time, the English captain sends a larger and larger group of his men to attack the lone Scot. Each time none come back.

Finally, in anger, the English captain sends an entire company of his men to take out this irritating Scotsman. As the battle sounds die down, one of the English soldiers - quite battered and obviouly on his last legs - crawls back over the hill and says, "Go back! It's a trick! There's two of them!"

Unfortunately, I don't know who did it or where to find a copy; but, I'm hoping that someone out there does.

Thanks in advance. - Ian

18 Dec 96 - 10:48 AM (#823)
Subject: RE: Lyric/Music Request
From: Gary Jensen (belter)

There is a version of this on the DT. It caught my eye because I heard it as a joke in the sci-fie seiries bye criss brunch & alan cole,(not shure I spelled thier names right) called STEN. In that one the big scotish guy is called Red Rory, but on the DT he, and the song have some name I can't prononce. I'll see If I can find what it's called.

I'd like music for it my self.

18 Dec 96 - 10:55 AM (#824)
Subject: RE: Lyric/Music Request
From: Gary

the version on the DT is called grigaloo

18 Dec 96 - 06:12 PM (#832)
Subject: RE: Lyric/Music Request

The late Matt McGinn used to do a song which sounds remarkably like this. It was called (I think) "Aggricoli, Aggricolo" and was about the ROMANS! in scotland coming up against a Scot or (probably) a Pict - (Calgacula?)

18 Dec 96 - 06:49 PM (#833)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE HIELAN' MAN (Matt McGinn)
From: Alan Rose (

Found it! The song is called "The Hielan' Man"
by Matt McGinn. It may not be what you are after but I
hope you enjoy it anyway.

(Matt McGinn)

Ten thousand Roman sodgers
To the Hielans they came north.
And they had conquered millions
Frae the Tiber tae the Forth.
They landed near Loch Lomond
For the night they thought they'd lie
But frae somewhere on the Cobbler hill,
They heard this terrible cry

Gregali, Gregaloo!
Come up and fight ya cowardly crew,
I'll have you for my pot of stew;
You're feart tae fight wi' me!

On top was a a bearded hielan man
Wi' a kilt and a big claymore;
He looked a bit ferocious
So old Caesar sent up four.
Then he sat doon tae supper
By the bright light o' the moon,
But he lost his taste for vino
When four heids came rollin' doon.


Then he sent up Mark Anthony
Wi' another fifty-five:
'Go bring tae me that rascal's heid,
Or I'll have ye skinned alive!'
Thet heard a clash o' metal then
Until the night was done;
But then there came this terrible cry
Wi' the risin' o' the sun.


He next sent up a thousand men
This hielan man tae crack;
But oot o' a' that thousand
There was only one came back.
'O Caesar,' screamed the sodger
Wi' his heid a' black and blue,
'That rascal has been kiddin' us,
There's not just one - but two!'


So Caesar picked his suitcase up
And he ran southwards then.
He was doin' eighty miles an hour
But he couldnae catch his men.
Now maybe you will wonder
Why I've told this tale at all;
Well, it has a simple moral
And they call it -

20 Dec 96 - 07:05 PM (#846)
Subject: RE: Lyric/Music Request
From: Ian


Thanks! Your help is greatly appreciated! I had heard of the song with the English as the invaders, but the fact that the song concerns the Romans instead is actually pretty interesting - especially with the Hadrian's Wall ending!

Alan - Do you (or anyone else) know where I can get a copy (recording) of the song itself? And/or what company Matt McGinn recorded for? Please let me know...

Thanks again! - Ian

09 Jul 03 - 06:09 PM (#980144)
Subject: RE: Lyric/Music Request
From: GUEST,Senga

Check out   for info on Matt McGinn songs and    email

10 Jul 03 - 03:50 PM (#980780)
Subject: RE: The Hielan' Man (Matt McGinn)
From: GUEST,senga

oops, that should have been


11 Jul 03 - 05:31 PM (#981508)
Subject: RE: The Hielan' Man (Matt McGinn)
From: GUEST,Senga

oops, that should have been    !