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Lyr Req: white hare

06 Sep 00 - 11:40 AM (#292100)
Subject: white hare
From: GUEST,Sofia Jonsson


I once had a tape with a singer and a fiddler performing a song I think is called 'White hare'. I'd like to get a hold of the lyrics to that song. I can't remember but I'll have a try:

In XX town, in XX town as I have heard them say there once was a white hare that used XX to dwell She went XX the beagles and beat the bushes 'round XXXX diddli-o and diddli-ey with me right fol-de-diddle and me right fol-de-day

Well... does anyone have a clue?

06 Sep 00 - 11:50 AM (#292107)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: white hare
From: Pene Azul

You can get the lyrics on this page (click).


06 Sep 00 - 11:53 AM (#292108)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE WHITE HARE (from Joseph Taylor)
From: Pene Azul


Oh, near Howden town, near Howden town, as I have heard 'em tell,
There once was a white hare, she used there to dwell,
She'd been hunted by beagle dogs and greyhounds so fair
But never a one amongst 'em could come near this old white hare,

To me right fol-the-diddle-lol the right fol-the-day.
When they came to the place where the white hare used to lie,
They uncoupled the beagles, and beginning for to try,
They uncoupled the beagles and they beat the bushes round,
But there was never a white hare, not there to be found.
Says Jim Smith, the huntsman, to Tom the whipper-in,
Go down to yonder fern side to see if she be in.
Well, at that she gave a jump, my boys, and away she did run,
And yonder she is going, don't you see her, gentlemen?

Well the footmen they did run, and the horsemen they did ride,
Such holloing and shouting there was on every side,
Such holloing and shouting I never before did know,
And all the men were crying, Tally Ho! Tally Ho!

There were twenty good beagle dogs that caused her to die,
There wasn't a one amongst 'em above a foot high,
The number of these beagle dogs there never could be found,
And never better hunting upon our English ground.

A hunting song from Joseph Taylor. This was on one of the seven discs he made for the Gramophone Company. Grainger had recorded one stanza in 1906. It is interesting to note that Mr. Taylor's memory of texts was not his strong point, and in many instances he could recall few, if any, verses to a song. Fortunately this failing did not seem to extend to his memory for tunes, which, almost without exception, are among the finest ever recovered in English tradition.

06 Sep 00 - 05:30 PM (#292392)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: white hare
From: jacko@nz

I have a chorus for this that goes;

For she's faster than the black
And bonnier than the brown
And there's not a dog in England
That could ever bring her down.

06 Sep 00 - 09:44 PM (#292538)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: white hare
From: Oversoul

Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick did a nice version of this on their "But Two Came By" album. (Topic Records)

06 Sep 00 - 10:02 PM (#292544)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: white hare
From: Malcolm Douglas

I should think that was the record that Sofia was thinking of.  If I remember right, the "chorus" that Jacko mentioned was recorded by the Watersons; the best I've ever heard, though, was Shirley Collins' set of Joseph Taylor's version on No Roses (1971).  Howden is in Yorkshire, of course, and Frank Kidson published a Yorkshire version of the song in Traditional Tunes (1891), well before Taylor was recorded.


07 Sep 00 - 01:53 PM (#292936)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: white hare
From: Bearheart

This reminds me that I've been looking for lyrics to a similar song, The Creggan White Hare. Any one know of it... could not find in the DT or forum.

07 Sep 00 - 02:58 PM (#292970)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: white hare
From: GUEST,Martin Ryan


Click here for an earlier thread with some links.


07 Sep 00 - 07:52 PM (#293173)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: white hare
From: Bearheart

Thank you!