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Lyr Req: A Wee Session, Matt Armour

13 Sep 00 - 04:27 PM (#296621)
Subject: A Wee Session, Matt Armour
From: Catrin

I saw Matt Armour at Fylde festival and he sang 'A wee session' which is one that he wrote. I bought a tape so i could learn it but, boo hoo, when I got home the tape had dissappeared, gone, vanished. So does anybody else here have the words?

The song is about the intimacy of the folk club and a request (in the chorus) that 'when I'm gone raise your glass and sing an old, old song for me' (or something).

I just loved it.


01 Mar 09 - 05:08 AM (#2578395)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: A Wee Session, Matt Armour
From: GUEST,Nick Gordon

You can get them from this Youtube video - the soundtrack is a recording of Matt singing A Wee Session

02 Mar 09 - 09:06 PM (#2579882)
Subject: Lyr Add: A WEE SESSION (Matt Armour)
From: Jim Dixon

Here's my transcription from the YouTube video:

Matt Armour

1. I came into your company an ordinary man,
And the first thing I encountered was your outstretched hand,
When you said, "If you're a singer, then you are welcome here,"
And through the years you all became so dear

CHORUS: I'm glad that I have known you since the time when I was young,
The stories that we've shared and the countless songs we've sung;
So if one day I'm missing here, as missing I shall be,
Raise your glass and sing an old, old song for me.

2. We sang the songs of freedom as we sat there side by side,
And the rolling hymns of justice we thundered forth with pride.
Nothing I've experienced has meant as much to me
As joining in a chorus of peace and harmony,

3. Sandy sang the chanteys though he's never smelt the salt,
And Doris did the drinkin' songs, never tasted malt.
The fiddle and the banjo made the dusty barroom ring.
And Billy banged his bodhran to ev'ry bloody thing,

4. For some among that company are now our absent friends,
Partners in the chorus of a song that reached its end.
We no longer walk the sunlight. We grow greyer by the day,
So I'll take each opportunity that's left to me to say