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Help: What's with 'shorty'?

14 Sep 00 - 01:00 AM (#296939)
Subject: What's with 'shorty'?
From: Banjoman_CO

I just noticed that at the bottom of the threads on my computer there is the name "shorty". It is black and I can't get rid of it. Does anyone else have this on their screen? Just wondered.


14 Sep 00 - 02:08 AM (#296962)
Subject: RE: Help: What's with 'shorty'?
From: CarolC

Max is using that to help him with his unnatural experiments with artificial intelligences.

14 Sep 00 - 02:17 AM (#296968)
Subject: RE: Help: What's with 'shorty'?
From: Joe Offer

Hey,Banjoman, you should be grateful. Shorty is the cute, friendly little computer who brings you Mudcat. He just started telling his name, but he's been here all along. When little Shorty gets overloaded, big Loki takes over.
Am I becoming a computer geek?
-Joe Offer-

14 Sep 00 - 03:19 AM (#296989)
Subject: RE: Help: What's with 'shorty'?
From: Lena

Oh my Gooood.He might be short,but he's the most famous computer around....

14 Sep 00 - 08:47 AM (#297080)
Subject: RE: Help: What's with 'shorty'?
From: MMario

No - Joe, you can't be a computer geek yet, your answer was far too easy to understand and did not have enough "buzz words" in it.

On the other hand, you're getting closer to being a help desk, though the multiple sylabble words are still too many