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Resonator Guitar Exhibit

25 Sep 00 - 07:08 PM (#305326)
Subject: Resonator Guitar Exhibit
From: MK

(I copied this from another Forum, but thought it might be of interest to those not discussing their favorite poundcake, hotdog, toothpaste, ice cream, maker of under garmets, condom colors, tooth-filling colors, style of socks, preferred number of plies toilet paper, magic marker or pen, preferred position of standing or sitting when urinating, etc.etc.etc.)

If you enjoy resonators and live within a few hours, check out the new exhibit that just opened in the Lancaster Museum of Art in Lancaster, PA. Displayed are about 50 resonators, (National, DOBRO) many rare and some one-of-a-kind instruments along with historical photos and informative text. This is a traveling exhibit, and will be inLancaster until December.

25 Sep 00 - 08:16 PM (#305376)
Subject: RE: Resonator Guitar Exhibit
From: RocketMan

Wish I still lived in Baltimore! What cities will the exhibit visit? Anything near North Alabama/Middle Tennessee?


26 Sep 00 - 12:37 AM (#305582)
Subject: RE: Resonator Guitar Exhibit
From: JedMarum

this one Terapln really would love to see, I'm sure. I have seen his handiwork and am much impressed (he makes 'em in Phoenix).

26 Sep 00 - 05:17 PM (#306033)
Subject: RE: Resonator Guitar Exhibit
From: MK

Sorry RMan....that is all the info I was able to get. You might want to try contacting the museum directly and see if they can provide info as to where the exhibit will be touring.

27 Sep 00 - 12:22 PM (#306595)
Subject: RE: Resonator Guitar Exhibit
From: Jigger

Guitar exhibits must be in vogue this season - there's an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, called "Dangerous Curves: Art of the Guitar." The exhibit runs from November 5-February 25, and I think it requires special tickets. They've got 130 guitars, from a 17th century Stradivarius to 20th century models; everything I've seen on the exhibit looks gorgeous.

There's some information on the MFA site - and


28 Sep 00 - 02:07 AM (#307165)
Subject: RE: Resonator Guitar Exhibit
From: Mark Roffe

I went to this exhibit five times when it was in Sacramento in May and June. Begged the guards to let me play some of the old Nationals. No dice. Met some great people there, as well as some old friends I hadn't seen in years. The exhibit is called "Loud And Clear: Resonator Guitars and The Dopyera Brothers' Legacy To American Music." When I get home from Lake Tahoe I'll get the museum program and write y'all some more information. You can find stuff about it on the web. For example:

Mark Roffe