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Pete Morton

03 Oct 00 - 04:23 AM (#310786)
Subject: Pete Morton
From: Dave the Gnome

I saw Pete Morton at out club last night and he was absolutely brilliant. Bought his latest CD as well - which is very unusual for me! 2 questions spring to mind

1. On his web site ( - He mentions he was in the states last month. Anyone see him there? What did you think?

and 2. How come some singer/songwriters make the mainstream - thinking of Billy Bragg in particular here - and some don't? Right place at the right time? Something extra special?


D the G

03 Oct 00 - 04:46 AM (#310789)
Subject: RE: Pete Morton
From: Lady McMoo

I agree D the G. Pete is a great songwriter and a dynamic performer. I've followed his work for the last 10 years or so ... from the time of the "Frivolous Love" LP. I still think "Just like John Barleycorn" is a minor masterpiece. Don't know why some like Billy make it and others like Pete haven't got the recognition they deserve. Guess it's as you say...being in the right place at the right time.



03 Oct 00 - 05:35 AM (#310802)
Subject: RE: Pete Morton
From: McGrath of Harlow

Billy Bragg's got a pugnacious in-yer-face quality, combined with a remarkable sensitivity that's a pretty unusual combination, and that does make him stand out from the rest. And it didn't happen overnight.

Pete Morton is a fine songwriter and performer. But people writing in the music press tend not to be particularly interested in music or in songs, so they wouldn't know what to write about him. And they know the public they're writing for, I suppose.

And that goes for a lot of other singers and songwriters. The thing is, don't rely on the music press - you find out about them by word of mouth. And that especially includes the Mudcat. If we come across someone who's a knockout, we should let people know here.

04 Oct 00 - 04:01 PM (#312124)
Subject: RE: Pete Morton
From: GUEST,alanabit

I think McGrath of Harlow is talking sense.Pete is a fine writer and performer, but there is not much about him to excite the writers of newspapers. Plenty of other excellent writers and performers produced excellent work without ever getting much recognition. Bert Jansch and Ewan MacColl spring to mind. There have actually been threads among Mudcaters to find out who they were.Pete is likely to carry on producing fine songs and fine performances without ever gaining recognition outside the circles in which he works. I hope I'm wrong and that he does strike lucky. Still, if he doesn't, the rest of us will still have the good fortune to see him working in small, intimate spaces, where his warmth and physical presence is most effective.

05 Oct 00 - 04:21 AM (#312598)
Subject: RE: Pete Morton
From: The Shambles

I have had the pleasure of playing with Pete Morton on a number of occasions, at informal sessions. I did not know who he was then, but that did not matter much as I am not much impressed by reputations anyway. My impression was of a nice bloke, with a powerful voice who had some good songs who did not have any need to dominate proceedings and who was pretty generous to others who wanted to play. I liked him.

When I did put the chap I knew together with the name (and reputation), With hindsight, I should have realised, from others reaction to him that he was quite well known. But he did not walk on water or have a halo, to me he was "just another (good) singer with just another guitar". In truth, I have not subsequently seen him in performance or heard any recorded material. I am sure I would enjoy it, but I have not been 'fired up' with a need to seek this out.

I am not sure whether this says more about me, Pete or the fact that there are many such talents around? Maybe we should just be thankful and enjoy all of those, rather than elevating some onto pedestals? I have no idea how Pete Morton would like to be regarded or what direction his career takes, but I would certainly like to wish him the very best of fortune.

05 Oct 00 - 04:26 AM (#312599)
Subject: RE: Pete Morton
From: The Shambles

Pete Morton

05 Oct 00 - 02:49 PM (#312927)
Subject: RE: Pete Morton
From: poet

We had Pete at our club earlier this year and it was a brilliant night although he was quite nervous when he found out that the sound man (me) was a Bodhran player. he's a lovely feller.

By the By thank you America for lending us Orville Johnstone. He played his first ever UK gig last night here in Guernsey. if you've got any more like that:-----

Graham Hyett(Guernsey)

06 Oct 00 - 04:27 PM (#313719)
Subject: RE: Pete Morton
From: Dave the Gnome

Thanks for the clicky, Shambles and thanks one and all for responding. I guess my last question was somewhat rhetorical as I know loads of brilliant singer/songwiters who have never 'made the grade' and seen loads of so-called superstars who would not know talent if it jumped up and bit them on the bum! The press, and music press in particular, do have a lot to answer for.

My 'tips for the top' must include John Tams, Pete Morton, Anthony John Clarke and Vin Garbutt- who is on at Swinton BTW. But then again I would also rate Keith Marsden, Harvey Kershaw, Mike Canavan and Ted Edwards. I don't think we will ever see them on top of the pops. (Well - Harvey and Keith are no longer with us anyway but I guess we could see Sclub7 performing their songs???)

Thanks again all and see you at Swinton on the 28th?

D the G

06 Oct 00 - 05:03 PM (#313750)
Subject: RE: Pete Morton
From: Doctor John

I don't mean to change the character of this thread but I think that all who love folk/blues music love, admire and respect those such as Woody Guthrie, Doc Watson, Jean Richie, Lead Belly, Nic Jones .... etc without exception. However I think there must be more than a few who find Pete Morton's delivery not exactly to their taste. Dr John (heretic on this thread)

06 Oct 00 - 05:36 PM (#313767)
Subject: RE: Pete Morton
From: M. Ted (inactive)

To follow up McGrath a bit--this is not a good time for real songwriters, or real songs--the "industry" is looking for multiplatinum artists, and it is more important that they look good in a video than that they sound good, have good material, or even are capable of entertaining anyone--

I heard "Another Train" on the radio (WXPN in Philadelphia) a number of years ago, and thought, "That is a great song, if I ever heard one-and it is great, easy to remember, very singable, very playable, and it packs a real emotional punch--it would have been a great signature song for a great entertainer, if we had such things anymore--

10 Aug 04 - 04:24 PM (#1244444)
Subject: RE: Pete Morton
From: Fran

Pete will be at The Tump Folk Music Club, at The Royal British Legion. Heath Lane, Brinklow, nr Coventry on Thurday 12th August.

Come along if you can, support for the night is Sheila Mosley and Dave Fry.

11 Aug 04 - 07:30 AM (#1244632)
Subject: RE: Pete Morton
From: GUEST,breezy

caught him busking in Hemel Bumpstead recently!!!!

11 Aug 04 - 08:59 AM (#1244678)
Subject: RE: Pete Morton
From: freda underhill

.. he wowed the aussies at our national folk festival in canberra at easter - by the way, this is a great festival...!!


11 Aug 04 - 10:31 AM (#1244760)
Subject: RE: Pete Morton
From: Sandra in Sydney

he also wowed us at our folk Club in March & freda wrote the review!


The main act for the night was Pete Morton. On this night, I found
myself feeling incredibly lucky that at this dinky little folk venue in Annandale, we get to hear performers of the quality of Pete
Pete is an outstanding singer song writer from northern England. He sings traditional songs with fine melodies, and also his own contemporary works. His writing is bold, original, and passionate, and he accompanies himself with guitar.
Pete is a fearless singer who takes folk to its essence. His writing is sincere, powerful and highly relevant. Themes include political and social observation.
One moving song about the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict, "The Two Brothers", was thoughtful and humane. Other songs touch themes of family, locality (Swarthmoor) and some are just damned funny (eg Six Billion Eccentrics). One song, 'The Shores of Italy" about a boatload of refugees that sank off the coast of Italy, was very moving. Pete's couurageous approach to his music is not just in the content of his songs, but in his powerful, highly original interpretations. His wonderful voice soared on the old song "To Be a Farmer's Boy' and Andy Irvine's 'Never Tire of the Road'.
It was interesting to watch Pete mucking around at a session late one night at the National in Canberra. Apart from being hugely funny, he came across as a good bloke. Thank you, Pete, we all had a great night.


11 Aug 04 - 12:40 PM (#1244880)
Subject: RE: Pete Morton
From: Strollin' Johnny

Never heard Pete but I love his song 'Another Train' - wonderful version by The Poozies which they used to use as a show-closing number, and an even better version (if that's possible) by ex-Poozie Sally Barker (BTW another major talent that's going unrecognised by the vast majority) and Keith Richard Buck.

If Pete's half as good a performer as he is a writer, he must be seriously excellent.

SJ :0)

12 Aug 04 - 10:33 AM (#1245790)
Subject: RE: Pete Morton
From: Sandra in Sydney

he's well worth watching, so if you ever get the chance, grab it. You can get more info on Pete at