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Lyr Req: Blues on the Ceiling (Fred Neil)

15 Oct 00 - 07:22 PM (#319438)
Subject: Fred Neil song lyrics
From: GUEST,Joeler

Looking for lyrics to Fred Neil's "Blues on the Ceiling" Thanks in advance.

15 Oct 00 - 09:36 PM (#319499)
Subject: RE: Fred Neil song lyrics
From: Pinetop Slim

Blues on the ceiling
Over my head
Running down the walls,
across the floor and under my bead
-- a couple other snatches come to mind -- Blue lights blinking on and off across the street, bigger (bitter?) the blues, the bigger they keep -- I have it on vinyl, but the Mudcat record indicates somebody will post you a handy link and save the trouble of transcribing it.

16 Oct 00 - 04:10 AM (#319614)
Subject: RE: Fred Neil song lyrics
From: Joe Offer

I didn't think that would be the case, but a SuperSearch says the lyrics are in this thread (click)
-Joe Offer-