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Help:name?gypsy fiddle tune

21 Oct 00 - 01:27 PM (#324036)
Subject: Help:name?Gypsy fiddle tune
From: Stewart

Could anyone tell me the name (and/or background info) of this familiar Gypsy fiddle tune? My source siimply lists it as a generic Bulgar or Frailach. For midi CLICK

Stewart in Seattle

22 Oct 00 - 01:25 PM (#324581)
Subject: RE: Help:name?gypsy fiddle tune
From: Sorcha

I listened and it is vaguely familiar, but I don't know. Anybody else?

23 Oct 00 - 01:34 AM (#325120)
Subject: RE: Help:name?gypsy fiddle tune
From: alison

I listened but no idea....



23 Oct 00 - 11:44 AM (#325311)
Subject: RE: Help:name?gypsy fiddle tune
From: M. Ted (inactive)

It is another no name Klezmelody--I pulled out my old Kammen's International Dance Folio ("The Most Useful Book of It's Kind Ever Published") and didn't find it, but I found several similar tunes, all named either Frailach (Bulgar) or Bulgar (Frailach). I guess I am not surprised, because often, these things have no fixed name, and were labelled by the dance that is done, or the town that the dance came from--Sometimes there are words that are sung to the melody, and the name is taken from that, but typically, there can be several different and unrelated songs sung to the melody, and also typically, the songs themselves can be sung to different melodies--

Where did you get this tune from? And where did they get it from? I guess that's the best way to identify it--I must confess that I saved the MIDI and made up a little lead sheet (you never know when someone might want to hear another klezmer tune) and I'd like to label it with more info than just "Dance Melody from the Internet"--

23 Oct 00 - 12:26 PM (#325338)
Subject: RE: Help:name?gypsy fiddle tune
From: Stewart

Thanks Ted. This came from Kammen's International Dance and Concert Folio No. 9 for violin. I'm sort of new to Klezmer music, but am beginning to learn. I guess I just wanted some introduction to give before I play it.

23 Oct 00 - 01:36 PM (#325402)
Subject: RE: Help:name?gypsy fiddle tune
From: M. Ted (inactive)

The Kammens books reflected what the old time Yiddish/American audiences wanted to hear--the books were published in the 20's, and were widely circulated for years--I once had (but seem to have lost over the years) an LP called "Live from the King David Hotel" that was basically just a hotel dance band (and not a particularly inspired one) playing from the Kammens books--I believe that they actually used the Kammens numbers to identify the tunes--

The contemporary Klezmorim have a more diverse repertoire, and it doesn't necessarily correspond to what Bubbie and Zayda danced to--Our Bubbie, my daughter's maternal grandmother,(God, rest her soul!) preferred the Yiddish Music Hall songs and Russian songs, rather than the actual Klezmer stuff--she was always complaining because the young people didn't know how to play the songs that had been popular--

She said that, when she was young, they used to go dancing every nite--In recent years, I have discovered that the old urban Jewish neighborhoods were filled with dance halls, and they tended to be very important community centers--