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Lyr Req: Lindbergh (Woody Guthrie)

05 Nov 00 - 06:47 AM (#334995)
Subject: Please help me find a Woody Guthrie song
From: GUEST,Saul

Last night I heard an old recording of a Woody song about Charles Lindbergh and the America First movement. They were running the recording as intermission music at a Vanaver Caravan concert at Poughkeepsie, NY

Great evening. Pete amd Toshi were honored, Pete sang "Reuben James" and led "This Land"

But wher can I find that song?

05 Nov 00 - 08:51 AM (#335033)
Subject: RE: Please help me find a Woody Guthrie song
From: Doctor John

Saul, You'll find it on This Land Is Your Land: The Asch Recordings Vol 1 , Smithsonian Folkways CD40100. Dr John

05 Nov 00 - 01:13 PM (#335161)
Subject: RE: Please help me find a Woody Guthrie song
From: Margo

You might find this Woody Guthrie site interesting. There is a discography list as well as a few for sale. I bought the kid's video and recommend it - Margo

07 Nov 00 - 10:49 PM (#336416)
Subject: RE: Please help me find a Woody Guthrie song
From: Bugsy

Mr Charlie Lindbergh flew to old Berlin
Got him a big iron cross and he flew right back again
Mrs Charlie Lindbergh, she come dressed in red
Said "I'd like to sleep in that pretty Whitehouse bed
In Washington, in Washington

Lindy Said to Annie,"We'll get there by and by
But we'll have to split that bed up with Hoover(Wheeler?) Clark and Nye
In Washington, In Washington.

(then a verse about someone trying to) " straddle the fence"
Her husband signed with (....?) and we ain't seen her since
In Washington, in Washington.

So I wanna tell you people if Hitler's gonna be beat
Common working people have gotta take the seat
< To Washington, to Washington

And I wanna tell you people, 'fore you cash in your cheques
They say America first, but they mean, America next
To Washington, to Washington

Sorry but that's all I remember from back in '62 when I first learned the song at the tender age of 14.



07 Nov 00 - 11:41 PM (#336462)
Subject: RE: Please help me find a Woody Guthrie song
From: John in Brisbane

I recently borrowed a large(ish) Woody songbook called Bound For Glory. I don't recall this song being in it, but I'm no expert on his music. What did cause me to take notice was the fact that comparatively few of his songs are in the Digital Tradition database.

Perhaps an owner of this book could confirm whether the Lindbergh song is in there.

Regards, John

06 Apr 03 - 11:56 PM (#927610)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: LINDBERGH (Woody Guthrie)
From: Jim Dixon

Lyrics copied from

(Woody Guthrie)

Mister Charlie Lindbergh, he flew to old Berlin,
Got 'im a big Iron Cross, and he flew right back again
To Washington, Washington.

Mrs. Charlie Lindbergh, she come dressed in red,
Said: "I'd like to sleep in that pretty White House bed
In Washington, Washington."

Lindy said to Annie: "We'll get there by and by,
But we'll have to split the bed up with Wheeler, Clark, and Nye,
In Washington, Washington."

Hitler wrote to Lindy, said, "Do your very worst,"
So Lindy started an outfit that he called America First
In Washington, Washington.

All around the country, Lindbergh he did fly,
And the gasoline was paid for by Hoover, Clark, and Nye
In Washington, Washington.

Lindy said to Hoover: "We'll do the same as France:
Make a deal with Hitler, and then we'll get our chance
In Washington, Washington."

Then they had a meetin', and all the Firsters come,
Come on a-walkin', they come on a-runnin',
(Washington, Washington)

Yonder comes Father Coughlin, wearin' the silver chain,
Cash on his stomach and Hitler on the brain.
(Washington, Washington)

Mister John L. Lewis would sit and straddle a fence,
'Cause his daughter signed with Lindbergh, and we ain't seen her since.
(Washington, Washington)

Hitler said to Lindy: "Stall 'em all you can,
We're gonna bomb Pearl Harbor with the help of old Japan."
(Washington, Washington)

Then on a December mornin', the bombs come from Japan,
Wake Island and Pearl Harbor, kill fifteen hundred men.
(Washington, Washington)

Lindy tried to join the army, but they wouldn't let 'im in,
'Fraid he'd sell to Hitler a few more million men.
(Washington, Washington)

So I'm gonna tell you people: If Hitler's gonna be beat,
The common workin' people has got to take the seat
In Washington, Washington.

And I'm gonna tell you workers, 'fore you cash in your checks:
They say "America First," but they mean "America Next,"
In Washington, Washington.

[From "This Land Is Your Land: The Asch Recordings, Vol. 1," 1997, and "Legendary Woody Guthrie."]