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Help: Greensleeves

10 Nov 00 - 03:33 PM (#338170)
Subject: Greensleeves
From: GUEST,Laika

Can anybody pleas write down the lyrics and send it to my email?

10 Nov 00 - 03:40 PM (#338173)
Subject: RE: Help: Greensleeves
From: mousethief

This is of course in the DT, and in 2 places at that.

I emailed the guest with the "Lady Greensleeves" version.


10 Nov 00 - 03:53 PM (#338183)
Subject: RE: Help: Greensleeves
From: Malcolm Douglas

That was kind of you, but I hope you also explained to her how she could easily have found the song for herself, and that we don't really encourage people to use us as an e-mail enquiry bureau so that they don't even have to bother coming back to see if anyone has answered their question...


10 Nov 00 - 04:00 PM (#338190)
Subject: RE: Help: Greensleeves

Malcolm Douglas, I have been trying to find you and here you are.

10 Nov 00 - 04:20 PM (#338201)
Subject: RE: Help: Greensleeves
From: GUEST,Laika

Too bad, that i´m not clever enough to use a computer as you wan´t....

10 Nov 00 - 04:52 PM (#338222)
Subject: RE: Help: Greensleeves
From: Helen


Sorry that we are talking about you and not *to* you. New people visiting the Mudcat Forum, like you, may not realise that there is a huge database of song lyrics and tunes which you can search using the blue box in the top right hand corner of this page. By typing in the word "greensleeves" it will show the results of what is in the database, affectionately known around here as DT, which is short for it's real name Digital Traditions.

Malcolm was politely asking Alex/mousethief if he had suggested that you come back and check this thread because the accepted etiquette around here, which newcomers may not realise, but we try to let them know as soon as possible, is that we don't usually e-mail replies because it is a public forum. In a public forum if someone asks a question and the answer is simply e-mailed then the other people who have looked at the thread don't get to see the answers. It works better for everyone if the answer is posted publicly as well.

Please, accept my apologies on behalf of the Mudcat community. We tend to talk a bit cryptically among ourselves sometimes, but there is usually a method to our madness.

Have a look at some of the other threads, browse around, get to know us a bit. We are a cyber-community with a lot of different people contributing knowledge, experiences, skills, opinions, humour, etc and there are a lot of different personalities here so there is bound to be a bunch of us that you will like, and some who may rub you up the wrong way (that's Oz/Australian talk for "irritate you") but that's what happens in a community.

Welcome, have a look around, read the two teal coloured FAQ threads at the top of the thread list, join in or just listen to some of our conversations and see if you like it here.


10 Nov 00 - 05:39 PM (#338252)
Subject: RE: Help: Greensleeves
From: GUEST,Laika

As soon as somebody, who knows less then THE ordanary mudcatters, says something or DO something whith don´t seems so correct in there eyes they got this attitude: Oh-my-good-can´t-belive-they-said-or-did-that-now-i-have-to-put-all-my-soul-to-make-this-nobody-act-like-a-perfect-catter. I am SO feed up whit that.

10 Nov 00 - 06:56 PM (#338315)
Subject: RE: Help: Greensleeves
From: GUEST,Bruce O.

There's a copy of the song from 'A Handefull of pleasant delites', 1584 (in the original spelling) in the Scarce Songs 2 file on my website (with its tune among the broadside ballad ones).

10 Nov 00 - 07:32 PM (#338337)
Subject: RE: Help: Greensleeves
From: Mary in Kentucky

Laika, I've enjoyed reading this thread because of the wonderful responses you received from mousethief, Malcolm, Helen and Bruce. Helen was especially eloquent when she explained how this public forum works. We sometimes forget to explain how to find all the information here. (Your question prompted me to put the word "Greensleeves" in the search box to find not only the words, but all the previous discussions on this song.) I also put the word in the google search engine (which is easier to do than creating a thread here) and was amazed at all the information about this song.

I once received an email from what appeared to be a young girl (~12 years old) asking why the Greensleeves lyrics were so different from the Christmas lyrics she had heard. At first I thought it was a joke, but then read between the lines and realized she was a very young girl who was not afraid to ask a question. I hope I answered her question without telling her more than she really wanted to know. Anyway, she thanked me, and that made it all worthwhile from my perspective.

Thanks to all the people who give so much of their time to publicly answer questions in this forum. I, like most people here, probably read 30 or 40 threads for every one I respond to. I think Max (the guy who runs this place) once said something about passing on the traditions and knowledge...and also attending some performances...and that's what I've tried to do...and my life is richer for it.

Thanks again.

10 Nov 00 - 07:51 PM (#338351)
Subject: RE: Help: Greensleeves
From: Greyeyes

Try and listen to Michael Flander's brilliant monologue on the subject of Greensleeves from "At the Drop of a Hat".

10 Nov 00 - 08:53 PM (#338390)
Subject: RE: Help: Greensleeves
From: Malcolm Douglas

My thanks to Helen for explaining, better than I was able to, how things work round here.  My apologies also to Laika; unfortunately, a lot of people do tend to treat us as an information bureau, which gets a bit annoying sometimes; hence my reaction.  I certainly meant no offence, and I do hope that you will feel able to visit here whenever you want information that we might be able to help with.  Generally, we'll post that information to the discussion thread rather than send it by email; that way, it's available to everyone who might be interested.

With best wishes


11 Nov 00 - 05:44 AM (#338521)
Subject: RE: Help: Greensleeves
From: zander (inactive)

is someone taking the piss here Dave

12 Nov 00 - 01:44 PM (#339256)
Subject: RE: Help: Greensleeves
From: Gypsy

Now Laika, no reason to get so hot and bothered. Number one, I personally am grateful for any information and advice that is given to me so freely by this community. Number two, if you are truly fed up with it, I am sure no one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to this forum. Lighten up! This is supposed to be fun, remember?