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How is John Hartford????

16 Nov 00 - 07:13 PM (#342037)
Subject: How is John Hartford????
From: GUEST,harpgirl

...I have been stewing about John Hartford for some time and I decided to start this to see if anyone knows how he is doing...I am a huge John Hartford fan and wish I knew if he was on the mend or what....harpgirl

16 Nov 00 - 08:05 PM (#342073)
Subject: RE: How is John Hartford????
From: GUEST,(Edgar A.)--a.k.a. Art Thieme

Ms. Z.---

It's hard to say. When I've talked to him lately he denies any real problems. But his problems did return after a long remission. And he has been doing chemotherapy--mostly oral. Dancing is done for now. He's been traveling with a band in the bus---a few less minutes for him to need to be the center of things.
At the same time, though, he's been appearing with the trio of Hartford and Mike Seeger and David Grissman. It seems like a strange mix--but those guys are all musical geniuses and if anybody can make it work, they can.


16 Nov 00 - 08:16 PM (#342082)
Subject: RE: How is John Hartford????
From: GUEST,harp

...Thanks for this, Art. Maybe oral chemotherapy is keeping him healthy! David Grisman must be jazzing up those two!

(My mom takes oral chemotherapy and has for five years. She just bought a new sewing machine with a two year warranty and she told me yesterday she was going to live at least two more years!)

16 Nov 00 - 08:40 PM (#342091)
Subject: RE: How is John Hartford????
From: catspaw49

Hey harp......Why don't you go out and buy her the "Extended Warranty".......Couldn't cost too much. I did something like that for Denny and he got a big charge out of it.

Art, thanks for the update. Everyone is pretty closed mouth about it and that's OK, but its nice to hear a little once in awhile. Wish I knew him the way you do. I've met him a few times and had a great time with him and a small group of folks one afternoon after he played Riverbend in Chattanooga. It was a nice and very relaxed few hours.


16 Nov 00 - 09:05 PM (#342106)
Subject: RE: How is John Hartford????
From: Bill in Alabama

We worked with John at Museum of Appalachia five weeks ago. He didn't do a lot of jamming backstage, and he looked a bit gaunt, but he was as good as ever on stage, and he insists that he is making out all right. He was there for four days straight, but spent a lot of time on the bus. He's a fine showman and a great fellow.


16 Nov 00 - 10:17 PM (#342132)
Subject: RE: How is John Hartford????
From: GUEST,harp

...I will buy the extended warranty, Pat! Great idea for her 76th birthday next week!

I read on the FOFF list that John had a lymphoma problem that comes and then goes into remission. Maybe if we send him healing energy, he will stay strong! I followed him all over the midwest years ago...a Hartfordhead of sorts....
Bill, I see from his website that he has lots of bookings! Wish I could have been there!

17 Nov 00 - 03:43 AM (#342203)
Subject: RE: How is John Hartford????
From: Rasta

Ive always enjoyed Johns music and recently obtained his banjo video, i didint know he was having problems, well we all have them from time to time, but on the topic in this thread, some of you mite want to take a peak into GARY NULL and his home page a big vitiman guru.--perhaps , perhaps not and other things as well---different strokes for different folks--I dont have all the answers just a thought in passing--stay well my friends. Rastaaaaa

17 Nov 00 - 09:19 AM (#342300)
Subject: RE: How is John Hartford????
From: Fortunato

Sorry to learn John Harford is ill. We opened for him down at the Newport News City festival one year, and had a chance to chat for a while. Terry Scantlin our banjo player spent quite sometime with him, getting an old time lesson back stage. Real fine gentleman, good people. I'll hope for the best.

If you speak to him please say there's lots of us out here to respect him and wish him well.

regards, Chance

17 Nov 00 - 11:12 AM (#342385)
Subject: RE: How is John Hartford????
From: GUEST,simon-pierre

another thread on John Hartford

I discovered his music this year (by Mudcat, should I say), and then a little about him. He seems like a great showman, and if there's someone I would like to see live, that's him. Hope he'll get fine soon


17 Nov 00 - 11:17 AM (#342392)
Subject: RE: How is John Hartford????

And to those of you who don't believe that banjo players are sexy - take a good long look at John Hartford. I do miss the dancing.

17 Nov 00 - 12:52 PM (#342455)
Subject: RE: How is John Hartford????
From: Jim Krause

I have a buddy who saw him in Kansas City either Fri. 10 Nov. or Sat. 11 Nov. and he said he looked small. That was his adjective. My friend also said that Hartford apologized during an encore for not shaking hands and personally greeting his audience, because he was undergoing treatment for his cancer that was playing hob with his immune system. It doesn't sound like he's out of the woods, yet. Soddy