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Help: Recorder lessons

18 Nov 00 - 12:19 PM (#343029)
Subject: Recorder lessons
From: Kara

Hello Cats I have got a job as a helper in a school and have sort of volentered to do recorder lessons got any good tunes to teach to 6-10 years old with little or no musical experiance, anything with a french tilt .Any sight where I can just print off some easy to learn tunes?????? It's alright I have got till Monday to prepare myself


18 Nov 00 - 12:51 PM (#343048)
Subject: RE: Help: Recorder lessons
From: Kara


18 Nov 00 - 01:56 PM (#343082)
Subject: RE: Help: Recorder lessons
From: GUEST,kernow Jon

My wife and I have both been down this road as school helpers pressganged into teaching an instrument and have loved every minute!
Will look some thing up and post it later. I can post stuff here as ABC or contact me on
Regards KJ

18 Nov 00 - 03:33 PM (#343113)
Subject: RE: Help: Recorder lessons
From: GUEST,kernow Jon

Here are three simple tunes I have taught this age group on the penny whistle.(only one french one I'm afraid.
The Furry Dance is almost as it is played in Helston today but not quite.
I will e-mail gifs to your Band site.

KJ X: 1
T:Me Anvez Eur Goulmik
G2A2|B2Be|ee BA|GF EF|G2F2|E2:||

X: 2
T:Helston Furry Dance

X: 3
T:Merrily We Roll Along

% Output from ABC2Win Version 2.1 h on

19 Nov 00 - 02:27 AM (#343388)
Subject: RE: Help: Recorder lessons
From: Kara

thank you for those KJ I do not entirely understand the format they are in but I will try and work it out, do you know where I can get these tunes on staves Thank you again

19 Nov 00 - 04:31 AM (#343394)
Subject: RE: Help: Recorder lessons
From: Liz the Squeak

'Frere Jaques' is a good one, so is 'Go and tell aunt Nancy' (well Nance is a town in France, does that count??), Au Claire de la lune is good too (in the silver moonlight, combing down her hair). Sorry I can't do the midi things, but you might try looking out for a book called the 'School Recorder Book 1' which has all those mentioned in, plus loads more. It's very British though you might be able to find a copy in junk shops or if you have a good friend here who could buy you one and send it over(I'm assuming you are not in the UK)... The old favourites like 'Twinkle twinkle' are good too, as it encourages children to listen to the tune and to learn to play by ear as well as by "dots".


19 Nov 00 - 04:51 AM (#343397)
Subject: RE: Help: Recorder lessons
From: Kara

Thanks liz, i will get on to Frere Jaque tout suite and twinkle twinkle, I agree it is best to teach them tunes they know, May tunes seem to be international,things that seem very english Likes Jingle bells, have words in French too. I will ask friend to check the junk shops. I am sure I had that book when I was at school; May be I should ask my Mum


19 Nov 00 - 12:53 PM (#343481)
Subject: RE: Help: Recorder lessons
From: IvanB

Actually, Kara, I don't know how long Twinkle Twinkle's been around in English, but Mozart did a set of variations on it as the tune to the French Folk song "Ah! Vous Dirai-Je Maman?"

Ah! vous dirai-je, maman, ce qui cause mon tourment
Depuis que j'ai vu Sylvandre me regarder d'un air tendre
Mon coeur dit à chaque instant, peut-on vivre sans amant?

L'autre jour dans un bosquet, de fleurs il fit un bouquet
Il en para ma houlette, me disant: Belle brunette,
Flore est moins belle que toi, l'Amour moins tendre que moi.

Etant faite pour charmer, il faut plaire, il faut aimer;
C'est au printemps de son âge, qu'il est dit que l'on s'engage,
Si vous tardez plus longtemps, on regrette ces moments".

Je rougis et par malheur, un soupir trahit mon coeur.
Le cruel avec adresse profita de ma faiblesse;
Hélas! maman un faux pas me fit tomber dans ses bras.

Je n'avais pour tout soutien que ma houlette et mon chien;
L'Amour voulant ma défaite, écarta chien et houlette.
Ah! qu'on goûte de douceur quand l'Amour prend soin du coeur.

You can find printable music for many tunes at

Click here for MusicaViva

Do you have any sort of music notation software? There are many other collections that would probably be of help, but it would help to know what resources you have available for notating and printing music. Then I as well as others would know better what way to steer you.

19 Nov 00 - 03:36 PM (#343538)
Subject: RE: Help: Recorder lessons
From: Kara

I can open and print gif and jpeg files no prob, I write tunes on coel draw, it is a bit tricky as I have to put all the note in a line and then move them up and down the stave after, but it still beats trying to find a pen and ruler; Hope this helps Kara

19 Nov 00 - 03:37 PM (#343539)
Subject: RE: Help: Recorder lessons
From: Kara

That should have bee Corel Draw

19 Nov 00 - 03:49 PM (#343544)
Subject: RE: Help: Recorder lessons

Umm, just as a general starting point begin with tunes that have only two or three notes. B, A, and G, you can start Frere Jacques and Mary Had a Little Lamb with these. Its easier for the kids to learn how to work one hand, one finger at a time, first for fingering. I don't know how to spell it but Fais doh Doh (that's how I saw it in my mind when I was a kid) is an easy tune with a couple more notes but still uses one hand.

19 Nov 00 - 05:51 PM (#343595)
Subject: RE: Help: Recorder lessons
From: GUEST,Kernow Jon

You must have some patience to write music in Corel Draw.
The tunes I gave you above are in ABC notation and here is a URL to a page in French explaining the language together with programs to show and print the music.
A fairly easy programe to write music with is Noteworthy and a free trial version can be had from
Sorry can't do the blue clickys at my age it's hard enough to get this far.