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help: banjo pickups

22 Nov 00 - 11:40 PM (#345525)
Subject: help: banjo pickups
From: Rollo

I am tired to be fixed to microphones on stage. I like moving around, dancing a little and having practical jokes on our mandolin player while performing. (poor chap! *ggg*)

Anyone out there who can give me advice about installing a pick up system to a banjo? I have seen the following varieties so far: - little swan-neck mic on the front / a microphone (?) glued to the skin / mic positioned inside the pot / mic on the bridge. How much "original" sound of the instrument comes out of it, how much must be "reconstructed" by mix?

Mine is a closed tenor banjo, if this is important. Rollo

22 Nov 00 - 11:50 PM (#345527)
Subject: RE: help: banjo pickups
From: DonMeixner


We've beat this one up a lot lately. Do a thread search on banjo pick ups. You'll be amazed at what you see.


23 Nov 00 - 03:44 PM (#345746)
Subject: RE: help: banjo pickups
From: GUEST,Chris Nixon

Rollo, My experience has been that a piezo jobbie stuck under the head works just fine, BUT... be prepared to set your P.A. up and spend some time using temporary fixings until you get it in just the right position. If you want a really detailed exposition on the subject, contact Andy Perkins at the Banjo Shop, Faversham, Kent, UK - or find his website. He makes banjoes and plays tenor like you wouldn't believe. ATB Chris.

27 Nov 00 - 05:38 PM (#347289)
Subject: RE: help: banjo pickups
From: Rollo

Chris, Don,

Thank you for answering. Sorry I didn't show up earlier. I don't know why but I was not able to enter mudcat the whole weekend.

Don, I am really looking forward for what I might find... having been in the cat mor or less regularly for half a year, I seem to have missed this theme... *ggg* looks like I should turn up more often...

28 Nov 00 - 03:11 PM (#347690)
Subject: RE: help: banjo pickups
From: GUEST,CraigS

A system I've used for years for fixing piezo pickups to banjos- get a sliver of flat smooth hardwood veneer. Using thin double-sided tape, stick the veneer to the head under the bridge, so that the bridge rests on it and there is sufficient area behind the bridge onto which to tape the piezo pickup (the best tape is used by printers for sticking lithographic plates down- you have to find a printer and ask for a little bit). If everything is not securely taped to the head you get buzzes, but its a fine way to work otherwise. Don't forget it will raise the action slightly, so some bridge adjustment may be needed.

28 Nov 00 - 03:17 PM (#347699)
Subject: RE: help: banjo pickups
From: mousethief

I thought this thread was going to be about pickup trucks with a tight skin over the bed, and .....


28 Nov 00 - 03:55 PM (#347748)
Subject: RE: help: banjo pickups

Y a gotta trry 'pick-up the world' great stuff, and I'd also look at the fishman set-up. I use Fishman in my Vega longneck and have been happy with the soud (it has other shortcomings, but othing unmanageable. I use a pick-up the world pickup in one of my smalll bodied guitars and it is superb; well worth looking into for banjo (I didn't know about it when I got my banjo pick-up).

In short I am sure you'll be thrilled that you can get great banjo sound from a number of today's good pick-up technologies.

look here for pick-up thew world and here for fishman.

25 Apr 13 - 10:11 AM (#3508671)
Subject: RE: help: banjo pickups
From: GUEST,ags

i had problem that sound is missing after a few minute i played my banjo.. and the sound raise again after i plug off the cable that connect my banjo with amplifier and plug in again.. would somebody mind helping me?

26 Apr 13 - 08:01 AM (#3509095)
Subject: RE: help: banjo pickups
From: GUEST,PeterC

Do you really need a pickup for a banjo? Mine needs muffling not amplifying!