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Tabulature for MSWORD

17 Sep 97 - 05:12 PM (#12418)
Subject: Tabulature for MSWORD
From: Bo Vandenberg

I'm trying to export lines of tabulature into Microsoft Word 7 so that I can embellish my songbook. Has anyone done this with some degree of ease?

All I want is a line of melody or two followed by the words to the song, nothing fancy.


17 Sep 97 - 05:23 PM (#12419)
Subject: RE: Tabulature for MSWORD
From: Jon W.

I just tried this (note I was using Word 6.0 but it should be the same):

I opened an ASCII text file containing some tablature. As I suspected, the default font was a TrueType or proportional font and it threw the tab off. I blocked the tab text and changed the font to Courier (NOT New Courier) which I know to be a non-proportional font and it all straightened out. This is because non-proportional fonts use the same amount of space for all characters, whereas proportional or TrueType fonts use less space for skinny letters and numbers such as i and 1 and more for fat ones like M and W. So if something is all lined up like tab, written in a non-proportional font, and you change it to a proportional font, it gets all skiwampus (sp?). 'Nuff said.

19 Sep 97 - 02:53 AM (#12532)
Subject: RE: Tabulature for MSWORD
From: Joe Offer

Oh, Bo, I just noticed it was tabulature you were looking to post in Word. When we were discussing this in chat, I had the impression you wanted to do musical notation.
In case you also want to research doing notation, or if you want to do tabulature on a gif, here's the URL for the Australian folk song site, which has the tunes very nicely done in gif files. You might want to e-mail them and ask how they do it.
-Joe Offer-

22 Sep 97 - 04:31 PM (#12859)
Subject: RE: Tabulature for MSWORD
From: Bo

I had really meant tabulature and notation. SInce most of the tab is in aschi anyway I thought it would be much easier.

I'll try the URL you suggest.


And thanx Jon for your imput about proportional fonts.