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Chords Req/Add: Southcoast / South Coast^^

30 Nov 00 - 11:15 AM (#348925)
Subject: Southcoast
From: GUEST,dan evergreen

Can someone give me the chords and words for this song. I would also like to know a little about it. Thanks.

30 Nov 00 - 11:18 AM (#348930)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Southcoast
From: mousethief

Can you give us more clues? A couple of the words, where you heard it, etc?


30 Nov 00 - 11:31 AM (#348936)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Southcoast

Do a "forum" search for "south coast" (two words) you will come up with two very different songs. Perhaps one of these is what you are looking for.

30 Nov 00 - 11:33 AM (#348938)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Southcoast
From: Allan C.

If you enter the word Coast into the DT search (little blue box at the top of the page) you will see, among the entries which pop up "The South Coast". I first heard this done by the Kingston Trio. I have always loved it. I'll post some chords in a few minutes unless someone beats me to it.

30 Nov 00 - 12:10 PM (#348980)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Southcoast
From: Allan C.

My inability to do much at all with HTML prevents me from showing which chords go where but my hope is that this will be of some help.

Here are the chords in order for one verse:

Am, Dm, Am

F, G, Am

Am, F, Am

Am, G, Am

The KT did it a little differently and switched to a major key at the point where the two rode off together and then switched back to a minor at the moment of the landslide. It was a nice effect. I have not heard it done by anyone else that way.

In this key you would alternate between C and B-flat for the entire verse.

14 Dec 00 - 04:45 PM (#357274)
Subject: Need chords: South Coast
From: GUEST,dan evergreen

I would appreciate the chords to this interesting song. I think it would be fun to play but I can't quite work it out. Thanks.

14 Dec 00 - 05:04 PM (#357289)
Subject: RE: Need chords: South Coast
From: Allan C.

I am refreshing an old thread about this. Look for it.

15 Dec 00 - 09:37 AM (#357597)
Subject: RE: Need chords: South Coast

is that the song about the girl won in the poker game and killed by a mountain lion? If it is I want the chords too. Great number.

15 Dec 00 - 10:03 AM (#357611)
Subject: RE: Need chords: South Coast
From: MMario

dang! I linked the wrong threads before....

the other other thread, with chords

29 Dec 00 - 07:03 AM (#365030)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Southcoast ^^
From: Suffet

Success at last!

I started with Allan C.'s chords cited above, but they sounded a bit off. Then I realized that when I sing the song in Am 3/4 time, the melody goes from an a note (5th string open on standard guitar) up to a c (5th string 3rd fret) for a half note before hitting a d (4th string open) for a quarter note. This c-d measure is the one with which Allan shows the switch to a Dm chord. What I did was add a c to the bass (5th string 3rd fret) so the chord is actually a Dm7 or an F6, depending on how you wish to look at it.

The other place where Allan's chording needed refinement was in those measures near the end which he shows as a G chord. Try instead an E7 with the following bass run ending on the switch back to Am. Start on the 4th string 2nd fret, go up one fret, and the rest is all descendig: e - f - e - d - c - b - a.

Put it all together, and here's what you get:

3/4 time

The |Am South Coast is |F6 wild and |Am lonely, | You |

F might win a |G game at |Am Jolon. | But the |

lion still |F rules the bar- |Am -ranca, | And a |

E7 man there is | always a- | Am -lone. | |

29 Dec 00 - 08:32 AM (#365051)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Southcoast ^^
From: Suffet

Note: The measures above do not show the durations of the notes nor do they show the rests. You will have to learn that by hearing the song. For example, the measure shown as | But the | can be misleading if you are unfamiliar with the tune. Those are two quick 1/8 notes at the end of a measure that beings with a 1/2 rest in the melody, and they serve as the pick-up for the next measure which comprises three equally spaced 1/4 notes. The guitar chords continue through the rests in the vocal melody line, of course.

--- Steve

31 Jan 02 - 03:03 AM (#639194)
Subject: South Coast Chords
From: GUEST,robert

can anybody help me out with the chords to South Coast by Ramblin' Jack Elliot. It seems to start in Em and has Am, B in there but there are a couple of chords I can't work out so any help would be appreciated

31 Jan 02 - 08:31 AM (#639265)
Subject: RE: South Coast Chords
From: Allan C.

You can find the cords I use (having never heard RJE's version) as well as some comments and a link to another thread here: Click

31 Jan 02 - 07:55 PM (#639639)
Subject: Chords Add: SOUTH COAST (Ramblin' Jack Elliott)
From: Suffet

Here are the basic chords, used for the chorus and most of the verses. Chord name is written direct before syllable on which change occurs.

[Am] The South Coast is [F] wild and lone- [Am] -ly,
You [F] might win a [G] game at Jo- [Am] -lon,
But the lion still [F] rules the barran- [Am] -ca,
And a [E7] man there is always a- [Am] -lone.

There's an alternate tune that can be used for two stanzas, this one below and the one that follows it i the song. Then the song returns to the original melody and chord pattern. The key switches from Am to C. I have written A# for B-flat because I cannot find the keystroke for the flat symbol.

[C] Her arms had to [A#] tighten a- [C] -round me,
As we rode up the [A#] hills from the [C] South,
Not a word did I [A#] get from her that [C] day,
Nor a kiss from her [A#] pretty red [C] mouth.

--- Steve

19 Nov 09 - 04:33 PM (#2769407)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: South Coast (from Ramblin' Jack Elliott
From: GUEST,Greywulf in Arkansas

These are the chord I use. not too different but they add a little poignancy.

Kingston Trio South Coast Lyrics:
Am                F6                Am
Chorus: South Coast, the wild coast, is lonely.
F                G        Am
You may win at the game at Jolon, But the lion
    F                Am                        E7
still rules the barranca, and a man there is
always alone.
    Am               Dm                        Am
My name is Juan Hano de Castro. The son of a
F                       G                        Am
Spanish grandee, But I won my wife in a card game,
F                G
to Hell with the lords o'er the Sea.

I picked up the ace. I had won her! My heart,
which was down at my feet Jumped up to my throat
in a hurry- Like a warm summers' day, she was
sweet. (Chorus)

Her arms had to tighten around me as we rode up
the hills from the South. Not a word did I hear
from her that day- or a kiss from her pretty red

We came to my cabin at twilight. The stars
twinkled out on the coast. She soon loved the
valley- the orchard- but I knew that she loved me
the most. (Chorus)

Then I got hurt in a landslide with crushed hip
and twice-broken bone. She saddled our pony like
lightning- rode off in the night, all alone.

The lion screamed in the barranca; the pony fell
back on the slide. My young wife lay dead in the
moonlight. My heart died that night with my bride.