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Lyr Req: Tragic Romance (Grandpa Jones)

04 Dec 00 - 04:14 PM (#351285)
Subject: the tradgic romance
From: GUEST,terry howe

if anyone knows the lyrics to this old song I would greatly appriecate it.thank you terry howe

04 Dec 00 - 05:15 PM (#351312)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: the tradgic romance
From: mousethief

Can you give us a little more to go on? A few more words or maybe even a line or two?


04 Dec 00 - 07:04 PM (#351397)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: the tradgic romance
From: tar_heel

recorded by most tradtional the 50s,cowboy copas, had a hit recording of it....also found on a grandpa jones album,recoreded in 1978....

04 Dec 00 - 08:28 PM (#351453)
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: TRAGIC ROMANCE (from Cowboy Copas)
From: Joe Offer

That was the hint I needed, Tar Heel. Thanks. I found it at Cowpie (click).
-Joe Offer-
Recorded by Cowboy Copas
Writer: Louis Marshall Jones (aka Grandpa Jones)

[G-1] Nestled in the heart of the [C-4] Tennessee hills
[D7-57] Midst peaceful pines, midst the rocks and the [G-1] rills
There stands my old homestead of [C-4] long, long ago
[D7-57] It brings back fond memories of one I loved [G-1] so.

I courted a maiden so sweet and so fair
With heavenly eyes and with chestnut brown hair
She told me she loved me and said she'd be mine
But I went away leavin' her there behind.

I'll tell you the reason why I left her there
To roam this old world with its' sorrow and cares
I saw her one night in the arms of a man
Huggin' and kissin' as true lover's can.

I went to my home with a heart full of woe
I packed my belongings, determined to go
For many long years this old world I did roam
With thoughts of my darlin', my sweetheart, my home.

While dining one day in a little country town
A stranger walked in and he chanced to sit down
While talking of loved ones, I happened to find
That his sister was that old sweetheart of mine.

When he heard my story, to me then he said
"The one that you loved, has a long time been dead."
"She waited so long for the day you'd return,
And why you had left her, she never did learn."

Now I am the man, whom you saw that fatal night
Wrapped in the arms of my sister, so tight
She loved you so dearly, but you broke her heart
Poor stranger, from her, ever more you must part.