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Lyr Add: Old and in the Way (Stanley Brothers)

22 Sep 97 - 05:44 PM (#12871)
Subject: Lyr Add: OLD AND IN THE WAY (Carter Stanley)
From: Gene

Saw this thread/request somewhere, but can't recall which one..anyway, here's a version by The Stanley Brothers..

OLD AND IN THE WAY - Recorded by The Stanley Brothers
Words and music by Stanley Carter

INTRO: [Bb] Only [F] Old And [C7] In The [F] Way.

You know, many times I sat alone here lately, and
Well, I find my mind kinda wandering back in dreams
Yes, I dream about the days that have already passed and gone
Days that, 'course - will never return
I dream about the days back when we'as a-bringin' up our fam'ly
And I worked hard for 'em - yes - I had to work hard ever' day
Each night the kids would come to me - with their little problems
And their little troubles - each one in his own childish way
But now, well, now I'm gettin old - kinda feeble
And each one of the children they've - gone their own way
And now most of 'em, I guess they -
Well, they have children of their own to worry about
So me, I'm just Old And In The Way.

[F] For many [C] years, things were [F] fine
All the [C] joys of life were [F] mine
Now at last, I [Bb] hear 'em [F] say
[Bb] Only [F] Old And [C] In The [F] Way.

TAG: [Bb] Only [F] Old And [C] In The [F] Way.

23 Sep 97 - 07:21 AM (#12948)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE LITTLE LOG HUT IN THE LANE (Carter)
From: dulcimer

Here is another "old and in the way" called THE LITTLE LOG HUT IN THE LANE by the Carters.

Mama says she don't want me because I'm getting old.
Scared that I might freeze to death, the weather is so cold.
If I live tonight, I think that I might try.
When the moon comes out tonight, I’m going to say goodbye.

CHORUS: I'm going' from the cotton fields.
I'm going' from the cane.
I'm going' from that little log hut
That stands down in the lane.

Now I'm old and feeble and I cannot find my way.
Mama says I'm getting old and gray and only in the way.
I'm leaving the little log hut, the place I love to dwell.
When the stars come out tonight, I'm going to bid farewell.