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Lyr Req: Niamh Parsons- Alexander

17 Dec 00 - 04:34 PM (#358660)
Subject: Niamh Parsons- Alexander
From: GUEST,Neil Comer

This is dodgy- a song by Niamh Parsons with Alexander in the title, I think. Could anyone help? Beannachtai na Nollag Neil Comer

17 Dec 00 - 05:32 PM (#358699)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Niamh Parsons- Alexander
From: Zebedee

The song is called 'Alexander' and is on the album 'Blackbirds & Thrushes' There are a few more details here.

No luck with the lyrics though.


29 Apr 01 - 08:05 AM (#451506)
Subject: Lyr Add: ALEXANDER (from Hugh Shields)
From: Lord Gramsham

Well it's don't you know the reason, love, this night that I am here?
It is in order to obtain the love of you, my dear.

Your sweet celestial charms they have wounded quite my brain.
Your skin's far whiter than the swan swims o'er yon purling stream.

You are tall, genteel and handsome. You are modest mild and free,
And as the lodestone varies, you draw the heart from me.

The reason my love slights me is because that I am poor,
But I have what's allowed for me and I can ask no more.

She thinks she's come of noble birth, me of a mean degree,
But I am come of Adam's race, my dear, as well as thee.

Don't place your mind on riches, love, nor no such worldly store.
Just think on Alexander and you will love me the more.

When he had conquered the whole world, he sat down and wept full sore
Because there was but one world and he could gain no more.

I will travel to Mount Horeb, where Noah's ark does stand.
From that unto Mount Albareen where Moses viewed the land.

I never will quit roving while I can wear a shoe,
But like a wounded lover, my dear, I will mourn for you.

Till this sorrowful lamentation, to her true love she gave ear.
She took him in her arms and embraced him as her dear.

So now they are got married. The truth I will unfold,
And her father has bestowed to them five hundred pounds in gold.

A night visit song sung by Eddie Butcher (born 1900 died 1980) and found in 'The Shamrock, Rose and Thistle' by Hugh Shields - Singing in North Derry - Blackstaff Press.

'...From it's melody and poetic style, as well as its distribution, it may be surmised Irish; the text suggests a date for the original around 1800 or not much later...'

HTML line breaks added. --JoeClone, 13-May-02.

29 Apr 01 - 08:42 AM (#451517)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Niamh Parsons- Alexander
From: Noreen

The link given above now takes you to Daniel O'Donnell... :0) For those who would rather hear the lovely Ms Parsons, Niamh Parsons : Blackbirds & Thrushes has short samples of each track, including Alexander.

29 Apr 01 - 05:06 PM (#451673)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Niamh Parsons- Alexander
From: John Moulden

Neil Comer,

Playing silly buggers again; why didn't you ask me to send you a photocopy of the set of the words in Hugh Shields: Shamrock Rose and Thistle?

Dear, dear, why don't people do the obvious thing.