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Help: copyright question

19 Dec 00 - 05:01 PM (#360021)
Subject: copyright question
From: GUEST,dan

I am going to create a website for a graduate course which will focus on Robert Johnson's "Crossroad Blues." In addition to background info., I was hoping to have some mp3s of versions, including new ones done by musicians I know. Since it is going to be a purely informational website, done for a class, does anyone know what kind of copyright clearance I should do? thanks dan

19 Dec 00 - 05:27 PM (#360038)
Subject: RE: Help: copyright question
From: NightWing

Knowing next to nothing about copyright law, I would venture to guess that the FIRST thing you have to do is to find out what country you're in. Prolly different rules in different countries and even if you're elsewhere you'll have to deal with US copyright law since all (?) of RJ's stuff was recorded here.


19 Dec 00 - 05:44 PM (#360047)
Subject: RE: Help: copyright question
From: Burke

There are lots of resources oriented toward copyright and academe. Your university library and whoever controls your campus web should both have information and specific guidelines. If your campus uses courseware that limits access to just those enrolled in your course, you will be much more safely within fair use guidelines.

If you're in the US you could start to bone up at the University of Texas copyright site.