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Lyr Req: Flamdyke Shore (Flandyke)

18 Jan 01 - 05:52 AM (#376818)
Subject: Flamdyke Shore
From: Trevor

I think that I've got most of the words to this song, which has a similar story to the various versions of 'High Germany', but I don't understand some of the references. I could be mishearing them, or, more likely, I'm just thick, but if anybody knows this song or can shed some light on it for me, I would appreciate it.



18 Jan 01 - 07:56 AM (#376860)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Flamdyke Shore
From: GMT


Try the site below for the words. I'm as baffled as you
suspect as to some of the references. A nice song to
play though.

The Albion Band has a happy ending to there version.

If anyone can shed light on the meaning of some of
these esoteric images I'd like to know as well

Cheers Gary

18 Jan 01 - 08:08 AM (#376867)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Flamdyke Shore
From: Wolfgang

Nic Jones sings it and at least the lyrics and perhaps the liner notes are on his webpage.

Here's an old thread about the song and here's another.

Hope this helps.


18 Jan 01 - 08:26 AM (#376875)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Flamdyke Shore
From: Dave Wynn

My mate Iarf sings this one , uses melodeon as accompaniment. He tells me that he see's the meanings to the verses as follows.

First verse describes him telling his love that he is going to Flandyke. (where is Flandyke?)

Second verse could be going to her bedroom for the first time and seeing her physically unclothed as in "saw a light springing from her clothes"..bit vague but understandable. The line "just like the moring sun when first arose" could be a reference to being dazzled by her beauty. A common epithet.

Last verse is being told that she is dead (by her father) and committing suicide "hove a bullet on to fair Englands shore" (himself being the embodiment of england) "just where I thought that my own true love did lie" (in his heart.)

He shot himself in the heart upon hearing the sad news.

This is how Iarf has always imagined it.

S'a lovely song. Spot.