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Andrew Cronshaw - Info?

23 Jan 01 - 07:51 AM (#380348)
Subject: Andrew Cronshaw - Info?
From: Dave the Gnome

Spending dinner time listening to an sampler (The Folk collection 2) and am most impressed by a track called An Gille Don - Vaskilinnun Vaikerrus by Andrew Cronshaw and Sanna Kuki-Suonio off an album called The Language of Snakes.

Did a quick lookup and all I can find is a rave review of Andrews' new album - On the shoulders of the Great Bear.


Anyone know the work and is it all as good as the one I heard?

What culture is the one I am listening to from? Sounds native-American-ish to my untutored ears.

Anyone know where in the UK I can listen to / get more?


Dave the ever expanding (in more ways than one!) Gnome

23 Jan 01 - 08:37 AM (#380382)
Subject: RE: Andrew Cronshaw - Info?
From: A Wandering Minstrel


I used to have some of his stuff way back. He used to do a lot of solo stuff on zither and dulcimer. There were at least two LP's one of which was called "Earthed in Cloud Valley" and may be available in HMV (I'm going by Oxford Street later today so I will check for you)

More recently he joined up with a band which I think also included Richard Thompson(?)and started doing more folk-rock fusion type stuff.


23 Jan 01 - 01:38 PM (#380580)
Subject: RE: Andrew Cronshaw - Info?
From: Margaret V

Dave, check out the thread called "Mostly Finnish Music." Ewan McVicar's posts discuss Andrew Cronshaw's work. You were probably hearing music from the Saami culture in Finland, which many people find similar to Native American music. Enjoy! Margaret

23 Jan 01 - 03:21 PM (#380648)
Subject: RE: Andrew Cronshaw - Info?
From: GUEST,Phil Cooper

Anything you can get by Andrew Cronshaw is worth it. Topic's reissue of two of his LP's is a great one to start with.

23 Jan 01 - 06:26 PM (#380828)
Subject: RE: Andrew Cronshaw - Info?
From: Stewie

CDNow has 'Language of Snakes' available on CD. There's a track listing:


The album was first released in 1993 on Special Delivery, a subsidiary of Topic. I have not heard the album, but Bob Walton gave it a rave review in the December 1993 issue of Folk Roots. Inter alia, he wrote:

Folk tunes from all over Europe(Finland to Galicia via Ireland and the UK) played on an astonishing array of instruments (Ba-wu to zither via too many I've never heard of to mention)with loads of friends contributing - the potential for an uncoordinated mishmash is immense. But the whole album flows seamlessly for start to finish, with both a sonority and a lightness of touch that marks a master at work ... Someone said the man's a star - the album is a gem.

I hope the above is of some use to you.


24 Jan 01 - 04:12 AM (#381066)
Subject: RE: Andrew Cronshaw - Info?
From: Dave the Gnome

Thanks all - I will buy some!