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Lyr Req: Brahms' Lullaby

11 Dec 96 - 11:26 AM (#742)
Subject: Braham's Lullaby lyrics
From: jkirby

Looking for the lyrics to Braham's Lullaby.

Starts "Lullaby and good night"

11 Dec 96 - 09:35 PM (#746)
Subject: Lyr Add: BRAHMS' LULLABY
From: stephens@execpc (wyatt stephens)

Lullaby and good night,
With roses bedight,
With lilies o’erspread
Is baby's wee bed,
Lay thee down now and rest,
May thy slumbers be blest (2x)

Lullaby and goodnight,
Thy mother's delight,
Bright angels beside
My darling abide,
They will guard thee at rest,
Thou shall wake on my breast (2x).

Gutn Abend, gut' Nacht,
Mit Rosen bedacht,
Mit naglein bbestecht,
schlupf unter die Deck,
Morgen fruh, wenn Gott will,
wirst gewecht (2x).

Guten Abend, gut' Nacht,
Von Englein bewacht,
Die zeigen im Traum,
dir Christkindllein's baum,
Schlaf' nun selig und suss,
schau' im Traum's Paradies (2x)

from "Rise up singing" ed Peter Blood-Patterson

11 Dec 96 - 09:46 PM (#747)
Subject: RE: Braham's Lullaby lyrics
From: Alex

In Scotland, we play lullabies on the bagpipes.

11 Dec 96 - 10:23 PM (#750)
Subject: RE: Braham's Lullaby lyrics
From: dick greenhaus

Possibly the most popular set of words was:

Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should