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Johnny Cash - health?

27 Feb 01 - 02:39 PM (#407339)
Subject: Johnny Cash
From: mkebenn

Does anyone have current info on Mr. Cash's health? Heard he was better, heard there was a problem... worried.. Mike

27 Feb 01 - 02:49 PM (#407348)
Subject: RE: BS: Johnny Cash
From: Max

It was determined that he does not have Parkinson's disease or Shy-Drager syndrome which he was previously diagnosed.

Recently, however, he has had pneumonia and the doctors are now saying he has a form of neuropathy. Autonomic neuropathy to be exact.

Johnny, though, says he has nothing, and that the doctors are all wrong. As Bill Moyer professes, healing is at least half in your head, so I am confident that Mr. Cash is going to be with us for a while.

He turned 69 yesterday, so he has lived a full life to date. He is planning another album too.

27 Feb 01 - 03:22 PM (#407373)
Subject: RE: BS: Johnny Cash
From: mkebenn

God bless him, and I'll be in line for his new work, if I can find a line. He is an icon, hero, role model, whatever you may call him, he's REAL. Mike

27 Feb 01 - 06:23 PM (#407547)
Subject: RE: BS: Johnny Cash
From: Jeri

He went home from the hospital on the 21st, and is improving. Check out Johnny Cash's website - there's fairly current news posted by his daughter Kathy.