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Help: double bass ukulele

07 Mar 01 - 07:00 PM (#413032)
Subject: help double base ukelele
From: GUEST,fleetwood

a friend of mine recently obtained a three string double base uke or banjo type instrument but is unsure how to tune it does anybody have any information on the instrument or how it should be tuned?

07 Mar 01 - 08:02 PM (#413062)
Subject: RE: BS: help double base ukelele
From: Callie at work

Try the Lark in the Morning website. They have a catalogue which features instruments I'd never imagined could exist, and quite often list tunings for string instruments.

I'll check my printed catalogue at home tonight and post tomorrow if I come up with an answer.


08 Mar 01 - 01:58 AM (#413215)
Subject: RE: Help: double bass ukelele
From: Mark Cohen

If it has three strings, it might be related to a balalaika. I've never heard of an ukulele with three strings. Unless it was broken. A friend of mine plays a HUGE bass balalaika--he stands up and rests one corner (balalaikas are triangular) on the ground. It has an amazing sound.


08 Mar 01 - 11:59 AM (#413402)
Subject: RE: Help: double bass ukelele
From: LR Mole

Gretsch used to make very strange things, and I think they made an electrofied uke for Arthur Godfrey--a four-stringer, though (the uke, not Arthur, if anyone remembers who he was [HowEEhyeh!], on a full-sized f-hole body).Eddie Condon used to play one of those, too.