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BS: Pete Seeger, Israel and non-violence

20 Mar 01 - 04:11 PM (#421843)
Subject: Pete Seeger, Israel and non-violence
From: McGrath of Harlow

Just saw in today's paper that Pete Seeger has handed over the royalties of Turn, Turn, Turn to a Peace group in Israel

"Jeff Halper, a leader of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, which helps Palestinian resist the destruction of their homes by the Israeli army and civilian authorities, said yesterday that he had received a handwritten letter from Seeger pledging the royalties from Turn, Turn, Turn."

Ties in with what catspaw commented on a recent thread "Ran across a listing for "Turn, Turn, Turn" crediting it to Pete Seeger and God. Interesting pairing..."

And that's the second piece of cross-your-fingers-and dare-to-hope news in the papers this week about Israel/Palestine. If an article in Sunday's (London) Observer is right, a Gandhian non-violent protest movement against the occupation, and against corruption locally could just be on its way among Palestinians. And if that happens, though protesters will still probably get killed, something good might come out of the deaths.

You have to grasp at straws, and hope they are straws in the wind.

20 Mar 01 - 05:55 PM (#421948)
Subject: RE: BS: Pete Seeger, Israel and non-violence
From: Mark Cohen

I hope the peacemakers on both sides will prevail. It's so easy to take one side or the other in this debate, because terrible things have been done by everyone. Even in that article, the casual mention of the "Israeli occupation of Palestine" ignores the perspective of the Israeli people who have been living for decades surrounded by those who have vowed, and often attempted, to "drive Israel into the sea." This is an issue that so easily deteriorates into finger-pointing and layer on layer of retaliatory violence.

What most American and European newspapers and news agencies do not show, because it isn't sexy and inflammatory, is the thousands of Jews and Arabs who live and work together peacefully, the children who are growing up seeing "the other" as friends and classmates, and the many groups on both sides who have been diligently working to bring peace to this region. Sadly, there is no money to be made in peace, or in spreading news of peace. The press is much more interested in transmitting images of rock throwing and rifle shots than of classrooms with Jewish and Arab children learning and playing together.

Let's hope news like this increases, and that people in the Middle East, as well as around the world, begin to believe in the possibility of forgiveness and healing and peace. My two shekels worth.


20 Mar 01 - 06:56 PM (#421984)
Subject: RE: BS: Pete Seeger, Israel and non-violence
From: Little Hawk

Well said, Mark.

- LH

20 Mar 01 - 08:51 PM (#422052)
Subject: RE: BS: Pete Seeger, Israel and non-violence
From: McGrath of Harlow

It is an occupation, there is no other word to describe it, and there is no point in searching for another word for it. There are always reasons for "occupations", and it is important for people on both sides to try to understand what the reasons of the occupiers are, and what the reality of the occupied is like.

The people of both the nations that share the Holy Land have an enormous amount in common, starting with what is essentially a shared religion - and they have both been victims of the same historical injustice that has set them at each others throats.

The primary blame for the injustice that has happened to the Palestinians lies in the same place where the injustice against the Jews happened, which triggered this injustice - back in Europe.

It's not possible to wind back history and right the wrongs that have been done. But recognising that wrongs have been done, and learning to understand why they have been done is a necessary stage in moving forward towards peace and some kind of justice.

As you say Mark, there are people who are trying to build that kind of common understanding, and they are going to have a very hard time of it - non-violent struggle can be every bit as painful and costly as violent struggle. I'm glad Pete's given them that song to share.

20 Mar 01 - 11:02 PM (#422128)
Subject: RE: BS: Pete Seeger, Israel and non-violence
From: Deckman

Again ... well said Mark ... deckman (I suspect that we've shared a Seattle song circle or two?)

20 Mar 01 - 11:17 PM (#422137)
Subject: RE: BS: Pete Seeger, Israel and non-violence
From: catspaw49

Well stroked Doc..........


20 Mar 01 - 11:45 PM (#422156)
Subject: RE: BS: Pete Seeger, Israel and non-violence
From: GUEST,marty D

When Pete played in Israel AND Palestine back in the sixties he dedicated his concerts to refugees of ten years and also those of a thousand years. He wrote of his disappointment at those who warned him not to sing "for the other side".


21 Mar 01 - 12:18 AM (#422173)
Subject: RE: BS: Pete Seeger, Israel and non-violence
From: Sorcha

Quite well said, Mark. There is right and wrong on both sides, and both sides had help with both right and wrong......I hope it works, Mazel Tov, Yerushalem...and

Sh'ma Yisroel--LISTEN UP, ISRAEL!!(and everybody else, too)