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Nic Jones Perma-Data

20 Mar 01 - 04:46 PM (#421874)
Subject: Nic Jones Perma-Data
From: Tweedie

~###~ Nic Jones Perma-Data ~###~

"Nic Jones is in good spirits and living in York, U.K."
The following five albums are not on CD and probably never will be:
Bandoggs # Ballads and Songs # Nic Jones # Noah's Ark Trap # From The Devil A Stranger

Nic Jones himself will supply In Search Of Nic Jones
and this and
Penguin Eggs may also be internet-ordered from Camsco Records and Fish Records

DISCOGRAPHY / INFO SITE #1 (part of 'English Folk Singers' site)
Extensive data and links. All the lyrics.
This is at

IMPRESSIONS OF A GIG (part of 'Music That Means Something' site)
This is at

BIOGRAPHY / NIC's GUITAR TECHNIQUE (article from internet-magazine '')
All you need to know about the man and his music.
This is at

SOME MUSICAL PALS OF NIC JONES (some may have their own web site)

Phil Beer #

Mike Raven #

Pete Coe #

Tony Rose #

Dave Burland

Mary Black # John Wesley Harding # Nancy Kerr/James Fagan # Kate Rusby

Feel free to add-to or correct the above data, but -- hey -- let's not have thread creep ;
you can cheer Nic Jones and boo Celtic Records within the other threads.
You may be sure that if and when the proposed follow-up album to In Search of Nic Jones
is released, in will be announced at Mudcat in the first 24 hours.

21 Mar 01 - 05:43 AM (#422217)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones Perma-Data
From: GUEST,Roger the skiffler

I'm sure this will prove useful (even I have Pengun Eggs. Guitar nerds (nurds?) like Rick will find the Mike Raven link useful (as I do, I had a website address for him which is defunct). Only Steve Parkes and I remember the Black Country Three, I suppose! (apologies for thread creep).

21 Mar 01 - 08:34 AM (#422278)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones Perma-Data
From: Malcolm Douglas

The URL given for Dave Burland above is actually that of the South Riding Folk Network, of which he is an honorary vice president.  He has some pages of his own at  Dave Burland

21 Mar 01 - 10:19 AM (#422363)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones Perma-Data
From: GUEST,Dita (at work)

Unsubstantiated information.
I was recently informed by a reliable source that Dave Bulmer, who was sitting on the Trailer tapes, claims he has handed them, and the rights, over to the Jones family.
Bulmer has of late started to release bits of the Trailer/Rubber/Black Crow material, (Rab Noakes, Mike and Lal Waterson, Alan Taylor, Dick Gaughin, Woody Guthrie tribute, etc).
The quality is pretty shoddy, thin paper insert copy of LP cover, burned CDs, but at least he is putting them out. It was while I was bemoaning him sitting on Nic's stuff while releasing the above, that I was told Bulmer claimed that Nic was now in possesion of them.
If anyone who is in touch with the Jonses, can verify this we can stop campaining and get on with promoting them when thay are released.
love, john.

24 Mar 01 - 10:16 AM (#424836)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones Perma-Data
From: GUEST,

re "Dita's" comments. As far as I know, Mr B has not handed any rights to the Jones Family as of today!! (Just spoke to his missus!) The sequel to "In Search of" is nearly this space, although we're still looking for some mid -70's live stuff...(No more Rose of Allendales.....Please!!) It might even turn into a double...Yes! E me if you have anything of interest Cheers Ralphie

06 Oct 01 - 11:36 AM (#566223)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones Perma-Data
From: Tweedie

##### UPDATE #####

NIC JONES UNEARTHED (available 1st Nov 2001) (double CD)
UK buyers may purchase from:
Mollie Music,
52 Newland Park Drive,
York   YO10 3HP
United Kingdom
Double CD price
16.99 UK
17.50 Europe

Single CD price
12.99 UK
13.50 Europe

Prices in pounds stirling, post and packing included
Stirling cheques (payable to "Mollie Music") or International Money Orders(IMO) - regret no credit cards.

(USA/Canadian buyers are advised that IMOs are expensive to obtain and you may prefer to buy from Dick Greenhaus at CAMSCO in USA)

CAMSCO tel: 800/548-FOLK (3655)
Penguin Eggs $13.49
In Search of Nic Jones $18.00
Nic Jones Unearthed $(TBA)

The CDs are also distributed by ADA ( and FISH (

06 Oct 01 - 12:06 PM (#566236)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones Perma-Data
From: GUEST,Curious Nic Jones Fan


Can you clarify Dita's comments a bit further (though I know they were made awhile ago) re: the tapes? Your response said that Bulmer hadn't turned the *rights* over to Nic, but you didn't say who has the masters/tapes?

I ask because I'm wondering if the new CD is remastered stuff from the stuff of Nic's that Bulmer previously "was sitting on"?

07 Oct 01 - 09:29 PM (#567126)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones Perma-Data
From: Ralphie

Hello "Curious!!"
All the tracks on "Unearthed" (apart from "Warlike Lads of Russia".......Originally done for a Fred Woods LP, many tears ago) Are previously Unreleased recordings...
Yes, there are a few songs that have been previously released on the "Lost" 4 albums. But, in our defence, the moral high ground lies with the family, and, as the recordings all come from private sources, and did not appear on the " Lost" LP's. It is only proper that Nic's fans have the opportunity to hear him at his best..(or at least the best that remains!).
As far as CM Music is concerned....I have no more words to describe my feelings for them.
To deny a musician of Nic's talent his just reward for his work .(not to mention the royalties)....for 20 years....??
Don't even start me on that one...
Just do Nic and Julia a favour.....Buy one for your friends for Christmas....I'm going to !
Regards Ralphie
Maybe you could send Mr Bulmer a Xmas pressie..! (Only Joking!)

07 Oct 01 - 09:42 PM (#567133)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones Perma-Data
From: Ralphie

Freudian slip there..
2nd line should read..."Many YEARS ago"..although "Tears" might be more appropriate..
Also...I must re-iterate....There are a few tracks that originally appeared on LP's 1-4.....but, ALL the recordings on Unearthed (apart from Warlike), are from private recordings.....NOT the original LP's...
God....maybe I'm getting scared of a law suit...
(Sorry Mr Sharpley!)
Love Ralphie.....late at night, and , glad it's over

31 Jul 15 - 06:40 AM (#3727347)
Subject: RE: Nic Jones Perma-Data
From: GUEST,Dave

According to Nic Jones' website, Nic and Joe Jones will perform a one-off gig on September 30th (Wednesday) at The Works, Hollins Mill Lane, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire.