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Lyr Req: Milwaukee, Here I Come

22 Mar 01 - 12:45 AM (#422921)
Subject: "Milwaukee, Here I Come...
From: Armen Tanzerian

...from Nashville, Tennesee." Anybody got the lyrics for this one, or a web source to find 'em? And who recorded it, originally? As I recall, it's a man/woman duet tune.

22 Mar 01 - 01:57 AM (#422937)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Milwaukee, Here I Come...
From: Armen Tanzerian

Well, I answered my own query. I went to Napster and downloaded this tune by Jimmie Martin. Lord, have mercy, that guy just kicks butt on a song like this. Reminded me of why you just have to love ol' Jimmie, no matter how big a -- well, you know what -- he is when he's not singin'.

11 Jun 02 - 05:05 PM (#727852)
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: MILWAUKEE, HERE I COME (Les Fikes)
From: Jim Dixon

Copied from
Third verse from

(Les Fikes)


  G                                      C         G
I'm gonna get on that old turnpike and I'm gonna ride.
G A7 D7
I'm gonna leave this town 'til you decide
Which one you want the most: them Opry stars or me.
C D7 G
Milwaukee here I come from Nashville, Tennessee.

Milwaukee is where we were before we came here,
G A7 D7
Working in a brewery making the finest beer.
You came to me on a payday night, said, "Let's go to Tennessee."
C G D7 G
So we drove down to Nashville to the Grand Ole Opry. CHO.
We turned on the TV, Porter Wagoner was singing loud.
(Or, "We were watching TV. Ernest Tubb was singing loud."*)
I said, "That's the man for me. I love him; there's no doubt.
I'm leaving you and going now to find out where he's at.
If I can't get him I'll settle for that bluegrass Lester Flatt." CHO.

I'm going now and trade my old Ford for an Olds.
I might get all drunked up and trade it for a Rolls.
But there's one thing I know for sure: I'll always be blue.
There ain't no way to get drunk enough to stop loving you. CHO.

[As sung by Dolly Parton with Porter Wagoner on "Always, Always," RCA Victor #LSP-4186, 1969; except *As sung by John Prine with Melba Montgomery on "In Spite Of Ourselves," Oh Boy CD #19, 1999. Prine omits the 3rd verse.]