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Johnny Cash's New Album: the Best?

25 Mar 01 - 09:11 AM (#425262)
Subject: Johnny Cash's New Album: the Best?
From: Peter T.

They were playing Cash singing "One" (the U2 song) in a record store, and I was so stunned I bought the album -- Solitary Man. This is the third in a series (American MAn III). I listened to the first one, and I thought it was self-indulgent, so avoided the second one. This one has at least two tracks on it -- "One" and "I See A Darkness" -- which are like pits of blackness and blood. There are one or two tracks that are pretty self-indulgent ("Nobody" and "Lucky Old Sun"), but overall it is stripped down to the bone, hell, to the marrow of the bone. Magisterial, I think.

I now have only one question: anyone know how to get blood and darkness out of a CD player? Seems to have clogged up my system all to hell.

yours, Peter T.

25 Mar 01 - 10:28 AM (#425275)
Subject: RE: Johnny Cash's New Album: the Best?
From: Clifton53

I think the CD is very good, and don't quite understand what you mean by "self-indulgent" Pete. If after all these years, an artist like Johnny hasn't earned the right to be self-indulgent, who has? Someone has to sing about blood and darkness, may as well be the 'Man in Black'. "Field of Diamonds" is excellent I think, and the duet with Merle Haggard is fun for me. Also, and there's no anger here Pete, aren't all artists self-indulgent?

I missed the 2nd "American" CD, but thought the 1st was so-so, a bit too slow for my taste throughout but I love "Drive On" and the simple version he does of "Tennessee Stud" and have added both to my own list of songs. But then, I've always liked Cash and the stories in his voice are what I listen for.


25 Mar 01 - 04:23 PM (#425352)
Subject: RE: Johnny Cash's New Album: the Best?
From: Peter T.

I mean milking his image or doing what I would call throwaway versions of songs. He may have earned it, but I don't have to listen to it. I wouldn't want to put anyone off the album though: it is terrific.

yours, Peter T.

25 Mar 01 - 10:20 PM (#425534)
Subject: RE: Johnny Cash's New Album: the Best?
From: John Hindsill

I have all three of the most recent CDs of Johnny Cash. The voice is certainly weaker on this last, but considering his physical problems one understands. I think these CDs are among his very best work, right up there with his early (read Sun) sessions. I commend the CDs to all without reservation.---John