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half a copyright question

27 Mar 01 - 05:05 PM (#426876)
Subject: half a copyright question
From: GUEST,Bedridden Barry from sis's laptop

The words to a song we are planning on recording came from a log book of the schooner, Industry, found by Jerry Bryant. Neil Downey added the tune and chorus. I know the words would be considered traditional and I know that the tune should be copyrighted by Neil. What should be said about the chorus that Neil wrote? Thanks, Barry

27 Mar 01 - 05:13 PM (#426881)
Subject: RE: half a copyright question
From: MMario

"additional words copyright Neil Downey" would cover it. or "chorus" for "additional words"

27 Mar 01 - 09:13 PM (#427079)
Subject: RE: half a copyright question
From: Irish sergeant

The law varies from country to country. The traditional words are likely under public domain. Tune and chorus should both be copywrited by Neil. It should read "Music and additional words Copywrited (Or symbol) 2001 Neil Downey" THis is at least how it is done in the U.S. (to the best of my knowledge not being a lawyer) I believe that it sin't much different elsewhere and under international treaties that should suffice. Check with a good lawyer though. Kindest reguards, Neil (The Irish Sergeant one , not the one writing the addtional words.)

28 Mar 01 - 09:01 AM (#427429)
Subject: RE: half a copyright question
From: grannyjan

Try asking at the local library as they should have professional knowledge of copyright. The information Mananger where I work went to a conference on copyright a couple of weeks a go, so it should be easy to find out.