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Blues Ain't No Mockin' Bird

06 Apr 01 - 02:25 PM (#434742)
Subject: mockinbird
From: GUEST,stephanie

I'm an English teacher trying to teach a short story titled "Blues Aint No Mockin Bird" by Toni Cade Bambara. My book tells me that the title comes from an old Mississippi blues song, but I can't find it anywhere. Any suggestions?

06 Apr 01 - 02:54 PM (#434752)
Subject: RE: mockinbird
From: katlaughing

Hi, Stephanie, welcome to the Mudcat. You've come tot he right place, if anyone can find the lyrics, some Mudcatter will.

In a quick search on GOOGLE, third choice down, I found some site apparently connected to Holt Rinehart which lists the song, but I was unable to find the lyrics. Unless you choose the TEXT version, it is in PDF format, and I didn't have time to go through all of that to really search, so you might give it a go.

In the meantime, I will keep an eye out and I am sure others will contribute, too. Good luck!

katlaughing aka kat

06 Apr 01 - 03:04 PM (#434765)
Subject: RE: mockinbird
From: GUEST,stephanie

Thanks, Kat. I am using the Holt Reinhart series. There is nothing in the book about the lyrics to the song. My husband and I are big blues fans, so I wanted to share the lyrics along with other blues greats with my students. I'll keep looking.

06 Apr 01 - 03:07 PM (#434769)
Subject: RE: mockinbird
From: GUEST,#1

Clarification requested. Are we talking about words/verses/lyrics/song or music/tune/melody here?

06 Apr 01 - 04:34 PM (#434831)
Subject: RE: mockinbird--to guest#1
From: GUEST,stephanie

I would like the words/verses/lyrics to give to my students. Personally, I would also like to know the tune/melody. Thanks.

06 Apr 01 - 06:22 PM (#434872)
Subject: RE: mockinbird
From: Murray MacLeod

Presumably this is a totally different song to the "Mockingbird " that James Taylor and Carly Simon did?


07 Apr 01 - 04:25 PM (#435373)
Subject: RE: mockinbird
From: Irish sergeant

Stephanie: I assume it is not "Listen to the Mockingbird" If, however, it is go to www. and click on the songbook entry. You will find a copy of those lyrics there. I compiles a civil War song book and it is featured there. Kindest reguards, NEil