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Priscilla Herdman

11 Apr 01 - 05:04 PM (#438452)
Subject: Priscilla Herdman

I am a big fan of Priscilla Herdman's singing, solo and with Herdman, Hills and Mangsen.

Does anyone know if she'll/they'll be on tour this summer and if she'll/they'll make to any folk festivals in the Northeast?

11 Apr 01 - 05:07 PM (#438455)
Subject: RE: Priscilla Herdman
From: katlaughing

Her Web Page has concert listings.

11 Apr 01 - 05:34 PM (#438479)
Subject: RE: Priscilla Herdman

Thank you. The concert listings on the web page are only for April and May, but I've bookmarked the web page to check in the future.

11 Apr 01 - 06:11 PM (#438513)
Subject: RE: Priscilla Herdman
From: wysiwyg

I'd suggest you get on the e-mail list for the Cindy Mangsen-Steve Gillette newsletter and concert schedules; when Cindy is booked with Anne or Priscilla those dates are included. Steve & Cindy's website COMPASS ROSE MUSIC does not yet have updates for the Trio schedule, but:

Click HERE to e-mail Cindy Mangsen and Steve Gillette and get on their list.

Perhaps you might include the URL of this thread and ask them to post their plans here as well. They have indicated they are aware of Mudcat but do not post often.


11 Apr 01 - 06:26 PM (#438523)
Subject: RE: Priscilla Herdman
From: wysiwyg

Second post has working clickies. Send in the clones.