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BS: Amish bumper sticker

27 Apr 01 - 06:39 AM (#450382)
Subject: Amish bumper sticker
From: GUEST,Roger the skiffler

"My other buggy is pulled by oxen"
Sorry, computer problems here seem to stop me pulling up old Bumper Sticker thread.
Readers of the "Staggers" will know where I pinched it from!

27 Apr 01 - 12:33 PM (#450472)
Subject: RE: BS: Amish bumper sticker
From: CarolC

I used to live in Amish country in western Maryland (USA). It was a somewhat progressive Amish community. They used tractors for farm work, and they were allowed to use the tractors for transportation, too.

It was pretty interesting to see the ways tractors became adapted for this purpose. Larger, more established families had big American tractors with large cabs to carry as many family members as possible.

New families and recently married couples generally had little Japanese makes with cabs just big enough to hold two to four people.

Most of the stores still had hitching posts for the horses, but increasingly it became the norm to see a parking lot full of tractors.

Young men went courting on Sunday evenings. They generally used the buggies for courting. We lived for a couple of years on a road that had a lot of courting traffic. From around midnight until about 2 or 3 am, we could hear a steady clip-clop, clip-clop... going past our bedroom window as the young men headed home from visiting their sweethearts.

27 Apr 01 - 12:48 PM (#450476)
Subject: RE: BS: Amish bumper sticker
From: Kim C

Several years ago we were at the Yoder's Department Store up in Indiana and there were several buggies in the parking lot. I thought it was really cool. All the horrendous construction traffic in Nashville makes me want to travel in a horse and buggy. At least that way I can travel on the grass! ;-)

27 Apr 01 - 01:07 PM (#450485)
Subject: RE: BS: Amish bumper sticker
From: Jim Krause

I'm sorta enamoured of the slower-is-better, less-is-more way of thinking. Out in central Kansas, near the town of Hutchinson, there is a fairly large Amish community called (what else?) Yoder.

Seems a travelling salesman was new to the territory, and he was out driving. The first farmstead he passed had a mailbox that said "John A. Yoder." He drove another quarter mile and passed the next farmstead. That mailbox was labeled "John B. Yoder." For the next ten miles there were mailboxes labeled John Yoder, the only difference being the middle initial. He quickly realized that this was so the mail could be delivered to the correct John Yoder. He marveled at so many families named Yoder, until he drove by the hatchery that had a big sign calling itself "Yoder's Hatchery." And that, I suppose is how Yoder, Kansas got its name.

27 Apr 01 - 02:47 PM (#450585)
Subject: RE: BS: Amish bumper sticker
From: Liz the Squeak

What goes clip clip clip clip smack, clip clip clip?

An Amish drive by slapping.....



27 Apr 01 - 03:29 PM (#450618)
Subject: RE: BS: Amish bumper sticker
From: Chicken Charlie

Apropos of not much, "Chicken Charlie's California Minstrels" did a gig in San Francisco for the Tall Ships part of the "Sesquicentennial" in the summer of 1999. We were in period dress, as per usual. After that long, long day, we got back to the Embassy Suites with no time to spare to take advantage of happy hour prices. The choice between drinking cheap vs. changing clothes first was a no-brainer, and besides, "In numbers there is strength," so four of us invaded the lobby bar looking like refugees from Bret Harte. As we headed for a table clutching cool glasses of our favorite poisons, someone intercepted our lady singer and asked if we were Mennonites. You probably had to be there, but it's a moment we all remember. If we ever decide to change our group name, we could get a tractor and become the "Mennonites with Attitude," I guess.

Chicken Charlie

27 Apr 01 - 03:39 PM (#450629)
Subject: RE: BS: Amish bumper sticker
From: Irish sergeant

I see alot of them if I drive up north (Ogdensburg, New York)We might be a lot better off if we hadn't gotten so much progress. Kindest reguards, Neil Mennonites with Attitude? I LIKE IT!!!

27 Apr 01 - 06:59 PM (#450749)
Subject: RE: BS: Amish bumper sticker
From: Bill D

and that Mennonite community in Yoder,Kansas was well known for their amazing response to disasters in the area....a tornado would cause damage somewhere, and almost before the wind died down, Mennonite teams would be there, helping sort things and aiding victims and eventually helping with rebuilding! They never asked for money or made judgements based on ethnicity & religion...they just helped.

27 Apr 01 - 07:05 PM (#450755)
Subject: RE: BS: Amish bumper sticker
From: Mr Red

Ex-wife in the boot (trunk)

27 Apr 01 - 09:44 PM (#450825)
Subject: RE: BS: Amish bumper sticker
From: GUEST,#1

The Amish there don't make washing machinecs and refrigerators anymore, but you can get good woolens there. I got some.


28 Apr 01 - 09:52 AM (#451026)
Subject: RE: BS: Amish bumper sticker
From: Hollowfox

I live near an amish community, and the real Amish "bumper sticker" is a reflective orange triangle on the back of the buggy so that "Englishers" in automobiles don't crash into the buggies while driving at night.

28 Apr 01 - 01:20 PM (#451131)
Subject: RE: BS: Amish bumper sticker
From: Uncle_DaveO

And in Indiana the State had to go to court to force the plain people to put the slow-vehicle orange triangle on the buggies; it wasn't sober enough for their ways.

Dave Oesterreich

28 Apr 01 - 01:54 PM (#451156)
Subject: RE: BS: Amish bumper sticker
From: Hollowfox

The courts have been able to convince more and more bishops over time that the triangles aren't unnecessary ornaments, and therefore not contrary to their beliefs. It all depends on the bishops.