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Lyr Req: What Did Della Wear (Delaware)

23 Dec 96 - 06:23 PM (#866)
Subject: Lyric request:
From: JT McDonagh

Anyone know the "State" song? Lyrics go something like: "What did Della wear? She wore a brand new jersey (Delaware and New Jersey) What did Ida hoe? I don't know I'll ask her (Idaho and Alaska)" Get it?

04 Jan 97 - 12:59 PM (#1102)
Subject: RE: Lyric request:

Go back 90 days on this base. Type in "what did" You will find it at the date 11/21

10 Jan 97 - 04:24 PM (#1250)
Subject: State song
From: Rodney Rawlings

Why did Calla phone ya, why did Calla phone? Why did Calla phone ya, was she all alone? She phoned to say Hawaii-ya, wh phoned to say Hawaii-ya, she phoned to say Hawaii-ya, that's why she did phone./What did Missus sip, boy, what did Missus sip? ... She sipped a Minnes-soda ... That's what she did sip.

10 Jan 97 - 04:27 PM (#1251)
Subject: Della wear ...
From: Rodney Rawlings

PS: Perry Como had a hit with this in the 50s.

18 Jan 97 - 08:39 PM (#1442)
Subject: RE: Lyric request:

I was not aware there was a song like that, but remember learning a sort of lymiric like you described. It went: Ohio! Hawaii? If Mississippi gave Missouri her New Jersey, what would Delaware? Idaho, Alaska.

12 Sep 01 - 05:26 AM (#547911)
Subject: RE: Lyric request:
From: George Seto -

Joe Offer posted it in a later thread What did Delaware