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Origin: Coal Tattoo (Billy Edd Wheeler)

21 Dec 97 - 05:21 PM (#18033)
Subject: Coal Tattoo

I hope someone can help me here...I know that Billy Ed Wheeler and the Kingston Trio sang this song, but I can seem to find out the album name upon which the song cam be found. Anyone out there with the info?

22 Dec 97 - 01:47 AM (#18052)
Subject: RE: Coal Tattoo
From: Bill


My source for Billy Edd Wheeler's song, Coal Tattoo, was the album, The Judy Collins Concert, and the book, The Judy Collins Songbook. I've been singing the song for a long time now, and I've heard many other versions. Hope you get one yu like.

Allinkausay, Bill

22 Dec 97 - 10:00 AM (#18064)
Subject: RE: Coal Tattoo
From: Jack mostly folk

Hello BP Coal Tattoo was recorded in 1963 on Kingston Trio's Time To Think album. yours, Jack mostly folk

22 Dec 97 - 03:13 PM (#18097)
Subject: RE: Coal Tattoo
From: Joe Offer

I don't think "Time To Think" is available. Bear Family has a $200 CD box set of the ten LP's the trio did when Dave Guard was a member, but I think "Think" came out after John Stewart joined the group. However, the song is on the relatively inexpensive "Capitol Years" Kingston Trio collection, a four-CD set.
Capitol had reissued eight Kingston Trio LP's, two LP's per CD. They had promised more of the two-fer reissues, but then they abruptly stopped and pulled all the reissues off the market and came out with the "Capitol Years" set. I guess they figured they could make more money by selling the rights to the complete LP's to Bear Family. As a result, you now pay $200 for ten LP's, when you could easily have gotten eight for $60 four or five years ago, and the Christmas album cost another ten bucks or so back then. Isn't marketing wonderful?
If you've got lots of money, you can buy lots of Kingston Trio reissues from Rediscover Music, (800)232-7328.
-Joe Offer-

25 Dec 97 - 11:29 PM (#18291)
Subject: RE: Coal Tattoo
From: rich r

Billy Edd Wheeler recorded "Coal Tatoo" jon an album titled "A New Bag of Songs Written and Sung By Billy Edd Wheeler" (Kapp Records KL 1351). The album is interesting because it contains quite a few other songs that were recorded by other successful performers. "Reverend Mr. Black", "Desert Pete" & "Anne" all by Kingston Trio; "Winter Sky" by Judy Collins; "Blue Roses" by Hank Snow.

Another version of "Coal Tatoo" can be found on the Mitchell Trio "Alive" (Mercury Records) that version of the trio had Mike Kobluk, David Boise, & John Denver and was the last recording by the trio.

rich r

04 Oct 21 - 06:54 AM (#4121797)
Subject: RE: Origin: Coal Tattoo (Billy Edd Wheeler)
From: GerryM

Wheeler also recorded it for the 1979 Flying Fish LP, Wild Mountain Flowers. That album also has The Coming of the Roads, The Rev. Mr. Black, and High Flyin' Bird. It's FF-085. I don't know whether this LP ever made it to CD.

04 Oct 21 - 12:16 PM (#4121808)
Subject: RE: Origin: Coal Tattoo (Billy Edd Wheeler)

04 Oct 21 - 02:58 PM (#4121822)
Subject: RE: Origin: Coal Tattoo (Billy Edd Wheeler)
From: GUEST,KevBoyd

You only really need the Hazel Dickens version