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David Jones

22 Jun 01 - 04:43 PM (#489937)
Subject: David Jones
From: Suffet

Any David Jones fans out there? This British-born singer is going to be appearing at the Seaman's Church Institute in New York City on the evening of July 19, 2001. That's a Thursday, and the show will start at 8 PM. That gives you enough time to get home, freshen up, and maybe get a bite to eat before stepping out.

The Seaman's Church Institute is at 241 Water Street, just a short walk north from the South Street Seaport Museum. The concert will take place in the Seafarers' Club on the second floor.

David Jones has an enormous repertoire of songs from both sides of the Atlantic. He sings both a capella and with guitar or concertina accompaniment, and he involves his audience in refrains and choruses ranging from boisterous to sentimental. And he's a damn funny story teller as well. Maybe some of you remember David from Poor Old Horse.

This concert is a special summer addition to the New York Pinewoods Folk Music Club "Folk Off-Broadway" series. General admission is $10. NYPFMC members pay just $9.

--- Steve

22 Jun 01 - 05:05 PM (#489953)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: GUEST,My name is Joanne

Jones is okay. So is Dolenz.

Tork is better.

Nesmith is best.

22 Jun 01 - 05:11 PM (#489957)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: mousethief

Nesmith is best at what? Singing? Hardly. Sure could write, though.


22 Jun 01 - 05:45 PM (#489983)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: Charley Noble

Ask David to sing "Let's Have a Cup of Tea", the ultimate movers and shakers song. Wish I could be there.

22 Jun 01 - 08:15 PM (#490100)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: Amergin

doesn't he have a famous locker?

23 Jun 01 - 12:09 AM (#490169)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: Gypsy

Gee, and i thought this was touting our missionary in the Ukraine! And yes, we DO call him Davey.

23 Jun 01 - 01:04 AM (#490193)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: 2 in harmony

Thanks for info on Davey Jones upcoming July 19 concert. His experience and natural, friendly rapport make his concerts extra special. Not ususally included in these is his passion for singing American Broadway Musical numbers. I've heard him in informal, spontaeous situations and his voice holds its own against our original production Broadway leads. Never know what will happen next.

23 Jun 01 - 01:51 AM (#490205)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: Peter Kasin

David Jones is one of the singers who was an early inspiration for me when I first started listening to sea music. The album "Songs Of The Tall Ships" which he recorded with two other members of The Starboard List was one I used to check out of the library often, along with MacColl and Lloyd, and Louis Killen. Now it's on a double CD along with their second album. I heard him perform solo a few years ago and he is a fine performer indeed, and as 2 in harmony points out, has good stage rapport - a great sense of humor. Thanks for the heads-up, Suffet.


23 Jun 01 - 02:26 AM (#490217)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: Lucius

He taught a song to a friend of mine. Something to the effect of "all on a summer's evening". Does it sound familiar? Has it been recorded? If I were closer to NYC, I'd be there.


23 Jun 01 - 05:28 AM (#490244)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: RoyH (Burl)

All of you - get out there and hear David. He is GOOD. I'm telling ya! Burl

25 Jun 01 - 09:27 PM (#491849)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: Suffet

Keeping it fresh!

25 Jun 01 - 10:19 PM (#491868)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: Liam's Brother

I first met David about 30 years ago. He and Liam (Yes, there is a Liam Milner) and a few other guys were singing at South Street Seaport in New York and I started singing with them too. Later Dave and Charlie O'Hegarty were resident singers at The Eagle Tavern in NYC.

I've heard a lot of David and a lot of other singers as well. He is one of the best. Should be a really fine concert!

All the best,
Dan Milner

27 Jun 01 - 10:07 AM (#492941)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: marsh

Ditto! David is a great singer with a stupendous set of pipes!

27 Jun 01 - 10:33 AM (#492965)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: Jim Cheydi

Has he changed his name back from Bowie then?

27 Jun 01 - 11:09 AM (#492985)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: kendall

Ask him to sing the one about the jogger. He is well worth seeing.

30 Jun 01 - 03:16 AM (#495285)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: Suffet

Keeping thread refreshed. Remember: David Jones at the Seamen's Church Institute in New York City, Thursday, July 19, 2001, at 8 PM. See initial message for details.

--- Steve

30 Jun 01 - 11:02 PM (#495690)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: GUEST,aesop

David is the greatest! Don't miss this one.

30 Jun 01 - 11:57 PM (#495709)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: Sandy Paton

"Brown Boots" will break your heart! David has two CDs available from Folk-Legacy, plus the Starboard List CD mentioned above. Damn fine singer!


04 Jul 01 - 10:21 AM (#498260)
Subject: Bermuda Quadrangle
From: Suffet

And if you really like David Jones, you can also hear him as part of BERMUDA QUADRANGLE, along with Jerry Epstein, Jeff Davis, and Jeff Warner. This is their first reunion concert in 7 years!

Monday, August 20, 2001
8 PM sharp
Dibner Hall Auditorium € Polytechnic University
Metrotech Center € Brooklyn, NY

General admission: $13.
NY Pinewoods members: $10.
Children: $6.

For more info: (718) 429-3437

NY Pinewoods website:

--- Steve

12 Jul 01 - 05:43 PM (#505294)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: ukelady

I am personally looking forward to David's (not Davey)concert for the NY Pinewoods Folk Music Club. I always enjoy listening to him when he performs. I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage in humorous song sessions at festivals with him, and he is always a treat. David performs a wide range of material, and all of it well. With some performers I want to say, "Oh, no. Not again." For David I say, "Oh great. I'll be there, for sure." Mudcatters, come and say hello to us at the concert. Evy (ukelady)

13 Jul 01 - 08:53 AM (#505673)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: InOBU

Hey Dan! Was Richard Fuetrell playing with David then? I'm still in touch with him, if you want to say hi to him... Richie is living in a rather isolated place, and always is happy to hear from old friends. For those who don't know him, Richard is a fine boat carpenter, welder and fiddler, with a few good old songs as well... Cheers, Larry

13 Jul 01 - 12:06 PM (#505770)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: GUEST,Janice in NJ

David Jones is both an exceptionally fine singer and a wonderfully charming storyteller. Go hear him if you can.

13 Jul 01 - 12:09 PM (#505773)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: GUEST,Winick (at work)

Just another plug for David--great singer, fabulous repertoire. I don't know him well personally, but I know he's a nice bloke. I always get a thank you note after I write a review of one of his albums. One time, when I reviewed the Starboard List, he told me I'd been TOO generous, as a few of the tracks were crap. I love that!


13 Jul 01 - 12:39 PM (#505805)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: DaveJ

Someone said on an earlier thread that he had been at Oldsongs last year(2000). My problem is that I don't remember seeing him there. Can anyone confirm this. (CRS might be setting in*g*). I did pick up one of his CDs at Sandy Paton's kiosk, however. I just don't remember the title. Something about tall ships/?/ (Oh well, must be CRS). Any way I highly recommend his music.

DaveJones (who is not related to the folksinger, or the 'monkey', or the rocksinger[who changed his name to 'Bowie' because he couldn't stand the monkey])

13 Jul 01 - 12:54 PM (#505810)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: DaveJ

Ah, a little web searching helps where memory fails! The album I mentioned was Songs of Tall Ships. This info. and much more is available from David Jones' web site.


14 Jul 01 - 06:23 PM (#506598)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: Suffet

David Jones in Concert
Thursday, July 19, 2001
8 PM
Seamen's Church Institute
241 Water Street, 2nd floor
New York City
General admission: $10
New York Pinewoods members: $9

New York Pinewoods website:

--- Steve

14 Jul 01 - 07:09 PM (#506619)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: Art Thieme

David Jones does "Arthur McBryde" better than anyone else I've ever heard do it. Be sure to ask for that one and tell David that I send my best regards to him.

A fine fellow and a fine singer.

Art Thieme

17 Jul 01 - 06:48 AM (#508417)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: Suffet

Reminder: Two chances are coming up to hear David Jones at New York Pinewoods Folk Music Club events in New York City.

Thursday, 7/19/01, 8 PM, by himself at the Seamen's Church Institute, 241 Water Street in Lower Manhattan, 2nd floor. Admission: $10. NYPFMC members: $9.

Monday, 8/20/01, 8 PM, as part of Bermuda Quadrangle at the Dibner Hall Auditorium of Polytechnic University, 5 Metrotech Center in Downtown Brooklyn. Admission: $13. NYPFMC members: $10. Children: $6. In addition to David Jones, Bermuda Quadrangle includes Jeff Davis, Jerry Epstein, and Jeff Warner.

Please visit the New York Pinewoods website:

--- Steve

17 Jul 01 - 04:07 PM (#508912)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: GUEST,Wendy S.

If I were in New York I would be there both times, but I'm not so I won't. My loss. Don't make it yours.

18 Jul 01 - 07:28 AM (#509388)
Subject: RE: David Jones
From: Suffet

Keeping the thread refreshed.