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Lyr Req: Mary's wedding? / Mairi's Wedding

27 Jun 01 - 09:48 AM (#492925)
Subject: Mary's wedding
From: GUEST,Kenny J

Hello, I'm looking for the lyrics and or tab for an old Scottish song called "Mary's Wedding". I've loved the song since hearing it years ago on the bag pipes but recently heard it played on banjo with lyrics on the movie "Passed Away".

27 Jun 01 - 09:50 AM (#492928)
Subject: RE: Mary's wedding
From: MMario

try searching on "Lewis Wedding Song" or "Mairi's Wedding"

27 Jun 01 - 10:27 AM (#492958)
Subject: RE: Mary's wedding
From: Lyndi-loo

In the digitrad

27 Jun 01 - 11:10 AM (#492986)
Subject: RE: Mary's wedding
From: George Seto -

For more information on the song:

Màiri's Wedding Thread #5962
Màiri's Wedding Thread #9264
Màiri's Wedding Thread #28207
My version in Gaelic - Màiri's Wedding
Màiri's Wedding in the Database

There was also a thread last week on the very same song, but I can't find it right now.

27 Jun 01 - 11:14 AM (#492990)
Subject: RE: Mary's wedding
From: MMario

marys weddin

Thanks george!

27 Jun 01 - 11:44 AM (#493021)
Subject: RE: Mary's wedding
From: Malcolm Douglas

And just a wee request to newcomers: please do use the excellent search facilities here before asking for lyrics.  Unless they are very obscure, the chances are that they will already be here.  The "Digitrad and Forum Search", which is quite prominently displayed on the main Forum page, is the best of several search-engines onsite and, though you would get better results from a search for the song under its correct name, a search for Mary's wedding would retrieve more than one past discussion of this well-known song, and supply you with a title under which you could then find for yourself all the information George has provided.  More information on getting best results from the Mudcat is available in the FAQ thread at the top of the thread list on the main page.

27 Jun 01 - 05:22 PM (#493373)
Subject: RE: Mary's wedding
From: GUEST,leeneia

1. How is "Mairi" pronounced?

2. Just a wee comment -it seems to me that if we have the patience to put up with any number of unrelated threads on politics and the news, then we should find the patience to help out a person with an actual interest in a piece of music.

27 Jun 01 - 06:51 PM (#493456)
Subject: RE: Mary's wedding

Think it's pronounced mar (as in car) - i
I thought Malcolm's response was pleasant and helpful; we newcomers do gradually find our way around - usually with some gentle nudges from longterm members.

27 Jun 01 - 07:24 PM (#493495)
Subject: RE: Mary's wedding
From: ollaimh

yeah it's mar as in car with an i as in e .

but if you want to get down and gaelic, if you are talking to mairie you say it var as in car with an i as in e, but if she's telling you her name it's as previously said. one of the wonderfull mind bogglers of gaelic is the case system where every thing has two or three pronounciations.

in irish the var becomes war as in car i think but i don't speak irish, i just read it a little. none of this digression affects the sining of the folk song i'm just being a bit obtuse. i once had someone ask me whether the boatman, fhir a bhata was pronounced as hear a vata or fear a bata, to which i had to say it depends on who you are talking to and what you are trying to say.

see why english people and gaels have trouble communicating , their languages don't even have the same concepts.

28 Jun 01 - 11:29 AM (#493990)
Subject: RE: Mary's wedding
From: Irish sergeant

Thanks for the Irish lesson. Malcolm makes a valid point. It is amazing the vast amount of information available at your finger tips. Explore a little bit and play around with the various aspects available to us all. Kindest reguards, Neil