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27 Jun 01 - 11:14 AM (#492989)
From: GUEST,Walking Eagle

Hidy 'catter critters,

Here's a website you might like to visit. If you have an audio card on your computer, you can get your belly full of bluegrass 24 - 7 if you like.

I admit, I can only take som much of the stuff, but anything is better than the crap on most popular stations these days. Any 'catter critters know of something similar for old time and jazz?

27 Jun 01 - 12:32 PM (#493082)
Subject: RE:
From: Rick Fielding

Thanks walking eagle, but all I get is a sort of "New Country" mishmash when I use your link. I'd kill for a real Bluegrass station. Am I doin' something wrong?

Here's my favorite old time jazz site.



27 Jun 01 - 03:16 PM (#493249)
Subject: RE:
From: Walking Eagle

Lets check and see. The live stream is run by WAMU and has the call letters listed. Their page has a picture of a window looking outside. Is this what you are getting? I've just started listenting to this today, so I haven't gotten the full range yet. They did play some Doc Watson this morning and also a Ricky Skaggs version of Rough and Rocky.