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Origin of Pavane nickname

29 Jun 01 - 07:44 AM (#494642)
Subject: Origin of Pavane nickname
From: pavane

A few people have asked me this, but I can't track down the threads, so here goes.
It started with a book Pavane by Keith Roberts which I read in the late 1960's. When I bought a boat, it seemed like a good name - sort of slow stately dance over the waves. So we had Pavane in 1973, followed by Pavane II in the late 1970's, which I still have, tucked in the garage. (Just a 15 ft day boat for going out into Swansea Bay). In 1995, we were invited to a festival in Udine (Northern Italy) for which we needed a name to perform as a duo. After much searching, we couldn't find anything we liked better. I had never heard or heard of the song PAVANNE
We have never performed under this name anywhere else.

29 Jun 01 - 08:59 AM (#494697)
Subject: RE: Origin of Pavane nickname
From: GeorgeH

As one who asked . . thanks!

Shouldn't there be a permathread for "members nicknames decoded"?


30 Jun 01 - 02:14 AM (#495274)
Subject: Mudcat Nickname Threads
From: Pene Azul

Here are some threads, George:

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30 Jun 01 - 02:31 AM (#495280)
Subject: RE: Origin of Pavane nickname
From: hesperis

Cool. I like the Pavane by Faure. Heard a version of it on a friend's tape of a CBC show once, with flute, mezzo-soprano voice (as instrument) and guitar. The person who played the guitar did the arrangement, and it is superbly done! He had a "spanish" type of name, but I can't remember it, and the tape died.

30 Jun 01 - 10:47 PM (#495675)
Subject: RE: Origin of Pavane nickname
From: vectis

There is a group, based in Kent, called Pavanne. It consists of Davey Slater, Kelly May Grew (of Riverdance) and Becky Stockwell. Bloody good entertainment if a bit loud for my liking. Catch them if you get the chance.