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Finger Picking TABS

29 Jun 01 - 01:18 PM (#494892)
Subject: Finger Picking TABS
From: Justa Picker

Responding to another thread regarding Ragtime tablature, and having listed some really excellent resources I've used, I figured I should start a separate thread, for searching and indexing purposes, to those seeking fingerpicking tablatures covering Ragtime, Country Blues, and a wide assortment of finger picking styles from some of the Masters..

I posted the resources I mentioned here, in this thread.

Feel free to add more here in this thread.

30 Jun 01 - 04:50 PM (#495516)
Subject: RE: Finger Picking TABS
From: Mark Clark

Yup, found it. Thanks again J.P.

      - Mark

02 Jul 01 - 02:01 PM (#496725)
Subject: RE: Finger Picking TABS
From: marty D

Just curious, has TAB always been the same? I assume it's history goes back quite a ways, but are there alternative TAB styles that people have seen that they like better than the standard form? IS there a standard form?


02 Jul 01 - 09:00 PM (#497080)
Subject: RE: Finger Picking TABS
From: Lin in Kansas

John In Remote Kansas (JIRK) on LIK's cookie

The TAB I've seen in commercial publication, for guitar, is pretty consistent, although there is enough variation that most extensive publications will include - somewhere - a description of the notation they use.

An example is "Acoustic Guitar" magazine, that shows (in each issue) how their diagrams indicate string, fret, and finger, along with hammers, slides, bends, and pulloffs, along with a "semi-tab" notation that merely indicates which finger to use on each "dot" in a conventional score.

Another example that differs somewhat is "Fingerstyle Guitar" magazine. Each issue includes a "Department" called "Music Notation Key" that explains the notation used. It is apparently their practice also to provide a CD with each issue with "Selections preformed by the Featured Artists."
(Recent issues that I've seen would indicate that they are heavily into alternate tunings.)

I can't really comment on the quality of either of these mags, since I don't do guitar or TAB, but I have looked at them occasionally when they feature an interesting tune.

TAB for other instruments is probably less consistent, and frequently depends more on what compositing resources are available. If ya cain't draw it, ya cain't print it.

Anything that serves as a "picture" of the note(s) to be played will do.


08 Aug 01 - 05:09 PM (#523811)
Subject: RE: Finger Picking TABS
From: Justa Picker

Came across another good one today, so will add the link here for posterity. This site contains a good assortment of tabs from Dave Van Ronk, Bert Jansch, and John Renbourn.

They are all in either Adobe Reader or Tabledit format, with links to both programs on the sight.


09 Aug 01 - 01:11 PM (#524387)
Subject: RE: Finger Picking TABS
From: Justa Picker