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Tollpuddle Martyrs Festival

02 Jul 01 - 05:43 AM (#496410)
Subject: Tollpuddle
From: The Cat's Whiskers

Does anyone know anything about a festival/event to be held on 14th and 15th of July in Dorset called "Tollpuddle Martyr" (or similar)...??

02 Jul 01 - 05:53 AM (#496419)
Subject: RE: Tollpuddle
From: ard mhacha

Hello Minty, Dont know about the Festival, but could give you some info on the good men and true who were transported to Aussie, for trying to start a Farm Workers Union. Slan Ard Mhacha

02 Jul 01 - 07:05 AM (#496445)
Subject: RE: Tollpuddle
From: GeorgeH

Oops, I can't find my instructions on how to "clicky" to a particular post in a thread, but GUEST,Graham Moore gave the information you need in this thread: Which I post 'cause you may be interrested in it. What Graham said is:
"Any interest in this topic - contact Tolpuddle Man (the musical) will be performed at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, Topuddle Dorset on Saturday 14th July at 6.30pm. Tel.07966 546153 for info" Hope that helps, George

02 Jul 01 - 09:32 AM (#496521)
Subject: RE: Tollpuddle
From: The Cat's Whiskers


02 Jul 01 - 07:28 PM (#497014)
Subject: RE: Tollpuddle
From: bobby's girl

From the official leaflet about the weekend - Sat 14th; from 11am mostly top trade union speakers talking about the future of the unions, but from 1pm, music in the village hall. At 6.30pm in the Martyrs Marquee, a performance of "Tolpuddle Man" by Graham Moore and Endangered Species followed by The Captain Swing Band playing English Country Dance Music - all-in ticket £10. Followed at 8.30pm by Flatville Aces cajun band. Sun 15th - 11.30am - Tom Paine's Bones - Graham moore's new band, singing songs of social justice. 12.15 - Australian solidarity Choir, 12.45 - guest speakers, 1.15 - Saneko African jazz & percussion, 1.30 - guest speakers lay wreaths on grave of Martyr James Hammett, 2.00 - Eliza Carthy Band, 2.50 Repercussion Street Band, 4.15 - Billy Bragg and the Blokes. Sunday's programme is apparently free, and sounds like a good day - it usually is.

03 Jul 01 - 05:47 AM (#497314)
Subject: RE: Tollpuddle
From: The Cat's Whiskers

Cheers all! I am certainly looking forward to the line-up now, especially the Eliza Carthy Band - saw then at Glasto the other year and they were excellent!
Is anyone else out there going to be volunteering for the Worker's Beer Company??

26 May 10 - 03:55 PM (#2914832)
Subject: RE: Tollpuddle Martyrs Festival
From: GUEST,Alan Jones

The Tolpuddle Martyrs festival is being held in the village of Tolpuddle over the weekend 16th,17th, and 18th of July 2010 a concert and ball being the feature on the Friday and Saturday evening.

26 May 10 - 06:06 PM (#2914922)
Subject: RE: Tollpuddle Martyrs Festival
From: Arthur_itus

Is my favourite singer on?

That would be Graham Moore of course.

27 May 10 - 12:54 PM (#2915390)
Subject: RE: Tollpuddle Martyrs Festival
From: GUEST,FloraG

We've been there several times. Its a very folky do - with a lot of free entertainment thrown in. In the past there has been a limited amount of camping - but most on a steep hill - no caravans. The highlight is the parade of union banners through the streets on Sunday but there are things that happen all weekend. It is quite a party atmosphere.

G Moore and his Tollpuddle set are well worth checking out. Some of his songs have seeped into singarounds.

Dreadfull loos - so it must be a festival.

27 May 10 - 01:55 PM (#2915419)
Subject: RE: Tollpuddle Martyrs Festival
From: GUEST,Cats

Friday ~ Stoned Holy Rollers,Papal le Gal, Skank Tank,
Saturday ~ Quangle Wrangle, Red Notes, On Common Ground, Chris Woods & Hugh Lupton, Jackie Oates, The Stow, Chris Brown, Stompin Dave Allen, Lucy Lechant, Boyd & Wain, Liv Torc, Acoustic Dolmen, Claire Mooney, Al Baker & the Dole Queue,
Sunday ~ Robb Johnson, Kasia Masai, Ian King, Eliza Carthy, Bad Shepherds, Billy Bragg and of course, Tony Benn.

27 May 10 - 01:59 PM (#2915422)
Subject: RE: Tollpuddle Martyrs Festival
From: Richard Bridge

That is a stonking and varied lineup this year. I've been a couple of times and really enjoyed it except that the electric late night concerts were too loud to be able to play elsewhere on the site (and yes rolling down the camping slope is quite a risk!)

It might be quite a notable time this year what with the BA strikes, the rulings of courts on the right to strike and the return of the toffs to rule.

27 May 10 - 02:43 PM (#2915459)
Subject: RE: Tollpuddle Martyrs Festival
From: Arthur_itus

But, but, no Graham Moore!