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Copyright Infringements

06 Jul 01 - 07:17 PM (#500227)
Subject: Copyright Infringements

Thought I'd jump with this one, as it isn't related specifically to the other subjects, though is similar.

This case just came to my attention in the last week.

A former member of American Irish group Black 47 has sued the BBC for using his song "Unrepentant Fenian Bastard" on a documentary about Northern Ireland without licensing permission.

For his side of the story see:

A very different song licensing issue than say, the Carthy/Simon one, as this deals specifically with a major media company's ripping off of a copyrighted song (not that it has never been done). What I think makes this case different is it's blatancy, particularly because it could so easily be argued they did it with a political purpose in mind.

Anyone else ever have any experience of such a thing, or is this case really as bizarre as it seems?

Please note, I chose not to title the thread "Unrepentant Fenian Bastard" quite purposefully!

06 Jul 01 - 07:35 PM (#500236)
Subject: RE: Copyright Infringements
From: Irish sergeant

UNfortunately, it is not as uncommon as you might think. We don't hear alot about it because normally, these things are settled by lawyers without seeing the inside of a court room. It doesn't only happen in music. For example, Former senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson was sued by Adolf Hitler for copyright infringement for translating Mein Kampf without Hitler's permission. Hitler won the suit. I forget exactly what the settlement was and it may have been settled out of court but it did happen. Kindest regurds and hopefully we'll hear more from you. Neil

06 Jul 01 - 10:01 PM (#500317)
Subject: RE: Copyright Infringements
From: Tedham Porterhouse


Would you please provide a reference for your story about Hitler suing Jackson. I have spent the past two hours searching in my library here at home and on the web and can find no reference to Jackson translating Mein Kampf or to Hitler suing him.

06 Jul 01 - 10:13 PM (#500324)
Subject: RE: Copyright Infringements
From: catspaw49

Typing Copyright into the filter box with a refresh of two years will net you about 43 hits plus a couple more under copywrite. This is rapidly becoming the new "what is folk" kind of subject............never much agreement but everyone is convinced they're right.

Have fun gang!!! Maybe I'll start another "meaning of Folk" thread to accompany it............LOL


06 Jul 01 - 10:55 PM (#500368)
Subject: RE: Copyright Infringements
From: Clinton Hammond

I'd suspect it's more likely Black 47 trying to get some notoriety how ever they can except that it's a 'former member'...

gods know they probably wouldn'ta made it on their music... Certainly not if they were relying on people with music tastes like me...

Guess it's good they weren't eh!


06 Jul 01 - 11:07 PM (#500376)
Subject: RE: Copyright Infringements
From: paddymac

Well, Clinton, they have actually had great success and have a dedicated corps of followers. They're a great group of down to earth folks. Larry Kirwin (sp?) is a talented lyricist, and very well versed on Irish history.

06 Jul 01 - 11:10 PM (#500379)
Subject: RE: Copyright Infringements
From: Clinton Hammond

I only vaguely (Guinness Goggles) recall the one show I saw of them, but I do recall that I was not impressed with their stuff... If they come near and I have the chance, I'll give 'em another day in court...


07 Jul 01 - 06:42 AM (#500462)
Subject: RE: Copyright Infringements

I wasn't saying anything about how good the song is. The point I'm making is about the claim the BBC:

1. Used it without seeking a licensing agreement

2. By doing so, according to the remedy being sought, damaged the reputation of the copyright owner, in addition to the loss of income, etc etc

Do we suppose it possible to transcend the Irish republican orientation of the musicians for the sake of the Internet discussion, which I pointed out in the originating message, is a thread about copyright infringement, and has nothing to do with the actual subject matter of the song or political orientation of the copyright owner?

I had hoped for some discussion of the media giant vs. the songwriter sorts of issues here.

07 Jul 01 - 12:45 PM (#500626)
Subject: RE: Copyright Infringements
From: Clinton Hammond

There's no such thing as bad exposure...